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  1. nitesite

    Treeline forend light = TL-Racker

    Does the Treeline forend light have fully potted circuitry and electronics? Pretty sure Streamlight does,, which means it can take a lot of abuse.
  2. nitesite

    Happy Thanksgiving

    CMQ... Nice looking spatchcocked turkey. Thumbs up! I love my WSM. The first few times I cooked with it I thought the thermometer was broken because for ten hours it never wavered. Turned out it has heat management conquered so well that I can walk away and come back tomorrow. ;)
  3. nitesite

    HOLY DUCK!!!!!

    I was at the supermarket this morning and wandered thru the meat aisle. As they do during this time of year they had frozen 5-lb ducks on sale. For $68~$70 EACH!!!!!!!!!!!! They were the size of regular chickens. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!
  4. nitesite

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Our favorite holiday! Thanks Ernst. Hope everyone at MO has a wonderful holiday.
  5. nitesite

    Unbelievable SoCal Police Pursuit

    Those officers who are living under such a strict chase policy are either 1- paid so well they don't want to leave that department, or 2- not willing to turn in their badge and go to work somewhere else where they would be more challenged to be law enforcement officers. I would have finished...
  6. nitesite

    Reloading 410 with slugs

    It's going to be more of a challenge to load slugs for .410 but I imaging it is doable. Would you consider using these with just a base wad? https://www.bayoubullets.net/41-caliber-215-gr-swc/
  7. nitesite

    Where does this washer go?

    I hope you find the answer, and hope that you learned a lesson about disassembling stuff. :)
  8. nitesite

    Veterans Day 2022

  9. nitesite

    Veterans Day 2022

    I think all of us who served are very proud of what we did. Ernst, you did some amazing things while serving our country. I thank you.
  10. nitesite

    New guy with a new Shockwave!

    Welcome Aboard.
  11. nitesite

    Shopping for dog food and a few grocery staples today : INFLATION

    What's it now called.... I think I heard it called "shrinkflation"?
  12. nitesite

    Shopping for dog food and a few grocery staples today : INFLATION

    The 22-lb bag of dog food I have been buying for several years was (after tax) $97.00 In Kroger a jar of Hellmans or Dukes mayo is now $8.00 and a can of Crisco shortening is $11.99
  13. nitesite

    Hunting 2022

    Around here it has become increasingly expensive to deer hunt, mostly to the point of being ridiculous. Unless one owns some prime deer land, most good habitats have been leased out to hunting clubs for exclusive rights to hunt. Each club member has to put in so many hours each year on habitat...
  14. nitesite

    Well, I stumbled and fell down. I bought another.

    Apparently there is no interest. Sorry to bother y'all.
  15. nitesite

    Well, I stumbled and fell down. I bought another.

    A blued Ruger Blackhawk 4-5/8" in .45 Colt. In VG+ and close to Excellent condition. I already have another revolver chambered for .45 Colt so I don't have to worry about the $1.50/rd cost of factory ammo. I cast my own bullets and have once fired brass and powder and primers and dies so it...
  16. nitesite

    Mini shell short shell reloading

    Thanks John. Best wishes.
  17. nitesite

    Using Shorty Shells w/Maverick 88

    I've seen some 12-ga 00 Buck mini shells available recently, but they were over $3.00 per shell No thanks