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    Stumped....shell capacity?

    Kind of strange. I have two identical shotguns (M500A Flex Security). Both have about the same round count on them (less than 500 rounds). One of them will hold 6 shells in the magazine tube, the other only 5. They have both been like this since new. The Magazines measure exactly the same...
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    Help IDing my barrel please.....

    I was thinking about putting a hand guard on one of my shotguns but need to know if it is a 'heavy barrel' or not. Mossberg Customer Service says it is not (based on the serial number) despite several pictures I have sent them. Hard for me to believe it isn't. But what say you guys ? The...
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    Greetings from Deep East Texas

    Long time Hunter and shotgunner (if that's a word), over 50 years actually. If you can believe it...never owned a Mossberg until recently. Found this site and thought I'd better drop in and rub elbows with the experts.