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    Tactical Questions

    I am completely, with all my mind believe that dogs are a wonderful first line of defense. For over 2K yrs mankind has used dogs and their kin as defenders from other men and animals. A good number of dog breeds were created and bred for this purpose. To answer the original question, if your...
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    Hog Hunting

    Which ever you choose, don't shoot for the shoulder. They're armored like tanks. Right behind the ear with the AR
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    Rifle Shooter's Log

    I think this is an excellent idea. Thanks for posting up
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    My first defensive pistol class

    Mudinyeri has a good point. It will defiantly help later. I would suggest maybe finding a range partner interested in the same shooting style and go together. With a shooting partner you have someone to critique you and keep your skills sharp. Someone that understands that when you come out from...
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    Rangers and Giants World Series!!

    Hahaha so true so true
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    Rangers and Giants World Series!!

    Hell ya Rangers!!! I guess the Yanks can't buy them all lol!
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    Remington Under Fire: A CNBC Investigation

    I watched the CNBC special that they aired. It was alittle scary to think about. On the positive side the the inventor of the 700 Trigger, as soon as he found out there was a possibility of misfire he advocated against the trigger as it was and created a fix for it. Got to love the fact that the...
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    Which sling do you use?

    I like the idea, I completely agree with the octopus comment lol. Never thought about it that way
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    Mossy Oak Camo

    Do love the mossy oak
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    Loaning a gun

    Only if I'm going to be there with the individual, for 2 reasons. 1st- I know how the weapon will be treated...not that I have a lack of trust, I'd just rather be there to watch...and shoot as well. 2nd-If there is a problem with my gun, I can fix it if I need to.
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    NEW Mossberg Tactical .22 Autoloader AR-Style

    It's a bad ass lookin little gun :D Can't wait to own one :!:
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    My first defensive pistol class

    Defensive pistol courses are great, but defiantly a must is practice. Repetitions make things permanent and give you a "learned instinct" to fall on if need be. I commend you for taking the course. Keep on shootin :)
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    Which sling do you use?

    I have never met a 3 pt sling that I liked. It might be something to do with the fact that I don't really know how to use one. The rig I use is a 2pt sling, composite of single ply 1" strap and the hardware off of an Alice pack shoulder strap...currently it has been lost in my recent move. As...
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    Members of Mossberg Owners, Post Pics of Your Self!

    Sorry, no Mossy's in the pics. M4 and 870's
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    Mossberg 930 Autoloader Troubleshooting

    Mudinyeri, first off welcome. Glad to have you. My 930 runs flawlessly after over a year of ownership, 2 3/4" 3", birdshot, buck shot, bean bags, no problems. A squid friend of mine happens to own a 930 as well, and experiences the same problem you speak of although only when using birdshot...
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    Tactical Questions

    I completely agree. No matter how many toys you have, if you can't shoot then you're just a gear queer.
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    Breacher, Stand-Off Devices, Tactical Chokes

    Re: Cookie Cutter thingy As far as I know and from the little research I did there is no legality issue, unless you use it to aid in illegal activities.
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    Mossberg 930 Autoloader Accessories...

    Re: What do 930 owners want to see in the aftermarket? Now that you ask the question I am actually somewhat stumpped.
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    Mossberg 930 Autoloader Accessories...

    Dearest friend, you are currently my new best friend. I have a hard time getting any support where I am for the 930. I have seen the error of my ways. I thank you for this insight. Nice 930 by the way.
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    Rifle Collections/ Group Photos

    Re: Ones in College Station Yes it's a great buy. I have had no problems from it after about 1k rounds through it. I had my other 1911 on me at the time. will post a pic later.