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  1. walpoler

    Highs and Lows

    Well said...
  2. walpoler

    Best Slug Straight out-of-box?

    Nice thread, Tex. I was going to ask the same question. I've stuck to the Remmy Sluggers, but wanted to branch out.
  3. walpoler

    Understanding Shotgun Chokes

    Nice info!
  4. walpoler

    New member from MA

    Hello from a fellow New Englander!
  5. walpoler

    Post Your EDC Blade

    I carry a leatherman as well. I can't ask for a better EDC for my needs. But I do have my Buck 110 as my hunting blade. *sorry for the lack of pics, uploading issues :cry:
  6. walpoler

    Sling with Thumb Loop

    I have the same one for my Marlin .22LR. It does the job and that's all I ask of a $7 sling.
  7. walpoler

    CamelBak Linchpin! *Lots of pics*

    Nice review! Only a few things better than a trusty 'ol backpack.
  8. walpoler

    500 Part?

    Have you done a cleaning yet? I'd give that a try and remove some of that factory gunk.
  9. walpoler

    New Member from the Lou

    Welcome! I've gathered a lot of info from these guys and gals...so don't be shy ;)
  10. walpoler

    My Marlin 60 Build Thread...

    Nice addition. How do you like your Marlin 60? What's next on the build list for it? I picked up a Marlin 795 a few weeks ago and I just can't seem to get enough trigger time :twisted:
  11. walpoler

    why are gun store people so rude and snobby?

    It's hard to find comfortable, kind, and knowledgeable places to spend our hard earned money at. I'm lucky I drive by a locally owned shop and range on my daily commute. It makes a world of difference to deal with a good crew.
  12. walpoler


    Re: EARTHQUAKE Felt it here in Maine. We usually feels shakes from ice fractures in the winter, but no ice this time of year...must have been the quake.
  13. walpoler

    New Member And New Shotgun Owner From Cali

    Welcome! Soon you'll get to play with your Mossy jailbird :twisted:
  14. walpoler

    I am thinking of making shotgun lbv

    If you have the skills or know of someone who does, I'd suggest making one for yourself. Nothing better than a perfect fit for your style and needs.
  15. walpoler


    I just purchased a Buck knife as my primary hunting knife. It is the same one as the one shown in your first set of pics, Shooter. Nice and wicked sharp. LL Bean also threw in a small folding Buck knife that I added to my keychain.
  16. walpoler

    Mossberg 500 Pump Action Photo Gallery

    Re: Mossberg 500 Thunder Ranch I do now...
  17. walpoler

    Mossberg 500 Pump Action Photo Gallery

    Re: Mossberg 500 Thunder Ranch nice looking piece...unfortunate name. "Thunder Ranch" sounds like a new brand of dipping sauce or a new sammich at Mickey D's.
  18. walpoler

    Obama: My work here is done, (POLITICAL DEBATE!)

    Just to chime in: Greed and the lack of investment in to our own country brought us into our current situation. Once we become unable to sustain within our own environment, we die off. Sure we can adapt, but only if we have the means to continue to sustain. Greed encourages and challenges us to...
  19. walpoler

    Model Identification Help: Which Mossberg 500 Do I Have?

    Re: A Mossberg 500 Challenge My pals need to get on the shotgun wagon :? . Nice looking piece :twisted:
  20. walpoler

    If internet rules applied in real life

    ^^^^^^ :lol: