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  1. Tuflehundon

    OR3GUN still in Business?

    Get a hold of them here or on Facebook. I talk to them on Facebook all the time. They respond very quickly there.
  2. Tuflehundon

    Scope ring as flashlight mount ?

    U have used scope rings as flashlight mounts in the past. They didn't put the flashlight on the optimal spot for me, but it worked just fine until I did get a better mount.
  3. Tuflehundon

    This is a dam problem

    Guess that's what can happen when you spend your infrastructure money on Illegal Immigrants and women's issues.
  4. Tuflehundon

    Mossberg 930 Waterfowl failure to feed while shooting

    You should not need to send it back to Mossberg. Should be able to fix it yourself in a few minutes. Sounds like you have the "feed from the tube" problem. Most common on guns with magazine extensions, but can still happen on all 930's. Just not as common. Brownells has a really good write up...