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  1. bsipes30

    My MRE Experience ~~ UPDATE

    Re: My MRE Experience When I lived in Korea it never failed one week out of each month we were running war drills and eating mre's... I've eaten my fair share. If your tasted like sawdust you got a good one!
  2. bsipes30

    Hello From Northern Michigan

    Welcome to the forum!
  3. bsipes30

    2 Guns 2 problems

    Sounds to me like the shell retainer on the 500 is stuck down might check on that and the 410 sounds like it needs cleaned. If you are having trouble remembering things please be careful and always tripple check to ensure your gun is unloaded before attempting to do any maintenance. Or an even...
  4. bsipes30


    Welcome to the club man! What kind of plans do you have for your 930?
  5. bsipes30


    Welcome from Oklahoma!
  6. bsipes30

    New Mossberg owner from East Texas!

    Welcome from Oklahoma!
  7. bsipes30

    Well, it was HIS rifle, but it still makes me sick

    can you buy it back from whoever he sold it to! I think any guns i give to my kids over the years will come with the stipulation that if they decide to sell it they have to give me the chance to buy it from them first...
  8. bsipes30

    Something Going On ?

    here is another that might hit hard for someone... i've never watched the show myself... http://now.msn.com/american-guns-canceled-by-discovery
  9. bsipes30

    Something Going On ?

    these guys are getting out before it gets to bad which i think is a poor choice. knee jerk reactions do nothing but bloody your own nose...
  10. bsipes30

    Something Going On ?

    I just saw that cheaper than dirt.com is no longer selling firearms... you go to a page witha gun and it says that they no longer sell guns. Facebook is in an uproar over it.
  11. bsipes30

    Members of Mossberg Owners, Post Pics of Your Self!

    Thanks fellas! Sorry I haven't been around much... Not much going on in the gun world in the bsipes house.
  12. bsipes30

    Members of Mossberg Owners, Post Pics of Your Self!

    Well it's about time for an updated "modeling" picture for Nitesite and Oli and ripjack! This picture should be what you get in a frame at the store when it is new!!
  13. bsipes30

    Bought a new toy

    Well it's been a little bit since i updated about the boat... I'm working on installing a 2500 watt sub system into the small area under the rear seat. it is only 1 10" speaker and it is a beast! (53 lbs just for the speaker) anyways i have a few pictures. Enjoy!
  14. bsipes30

    2 + 2 + 2 = 7 (Jokes)

    Re: pictures that make you lol not a picture but still funny... So this guy is taking his girlfriend to the high school prom, and he's got a lot of work to do. First, he has to rent a tux, so he goes to the tuxedo store. But he finds that there is a huge line there! He finally finishes his...
  15. bsipes30


    Welcome from Oklahoma!
  16. bsipes30

    Dallas, TX here...

    Welcome from oklahoma! I don't hold it against you that your are from texas... lol I make my way down to dallas every once in a while to see my grandparents.
  17. bsipes30

    Hello from central OK

    Welcome to the forum!! i'm in okc as well
  18. bsipes30

    Oklahoma Open Carry Law effective today

    I haven't read anything about our new law yet just what i've heard from people and it sounds like they are just changing the cc permit to be a "handgun" permit so you can either open carry or conceal carry. I personally would still rather conceal. Out of sight out of mind. Now out in the woods...
  19. bsipes30

    Oklahoma Open Carry Law effective today

    Oklahoma is now an open carry state as of today, but what i think is funny is you still have to go through all the process of getting a license which takes over 2 months usually. Makes me miss Alaska where you just assume everyone has a gun. My thoughts on this are most gun owners that already...
  20. bsipes30

    Members of Mossberg Owners, Post Pics of Your Self!

    I will also keep the same hair line much longer than that fella... lol and that chick needs to touch up her roots... i mean uh.. cool frame bro... you want a beer... lol