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    930 &940 same receivers pecs?

    GG&G lists different part numbers for their 930 & 940 Pro side saddle shell carriers, so I'd guess they're not the same.
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    Y'all who own a chainsaw, or even a couple.....

    I have a number of Stihl 2-stroke yard machines. The chainsaw gets run when it's needed, and I don't bother running it otherwise. I mix my own 2-stroke gas with ethanol free gas, Stihl oil, and fuel stabilizer. Same goes for my 4-stroke machines. Ethanol free gas and fuel stabilizer. Never any...
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    940 Field magazine spring retainer removal

    That looks like the keeper on the 930, so it will just pull out. Put the tip of a flathead screwdriver in the hole and lean the screwdriver over to pry it out. That's what I did on my 930 to get it out when I installed my mag extension. It's just a friction fit.
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    940 Field magazine spring retainer removal

    Do you have a photo? If it is like the 930, you just pry it out.
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    Charging handle from 930 spx

    https://www.mossberg.com/930-oversized-charging-handle-19297mt.html https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=mossberg%2019297MT
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    Charging handle from 930 spx

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    Side Saddle Loading, Brass Up, Or Brass Down???

    I have mine set up with forward most round brass up for pulling over the top of the receiver and rolling into the chamber. The rest are brass down for loading into the magazine.
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    SOLD 7mm 175gr Nosler bullets

    Looking to get rid of some bullets that I don't need. Open/partial boxes were counted to verify qty. Nosler #35645 175gr 7mm Partition (4 boxes of 50 and 1 box of 45) three boxes factory sealed. $250 shipped for all SOLD Will consider trades for similar retail value. Interested in .308...
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    Bulk Online Buying

    I just search on Ammoseek.com for what I'm looking for and branch out from there.
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    940 Handguard

    Nothing that I'm aware of. There have been a few random offerings for the 930 over the years, but they've all but disappeared. Closest that you'll find is the m-lok barrel clamp on the 940 Pro Tactical.
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    New member from Arkansas.

    Welcome in. What part of AR? I'm on the south end of the state in Camden.
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    Extended Magazine Woes

    Not surprised that it broke. It's 3D printed and the layer direction is the worse possible way. The spring tension is basically trying to rip the layers apart on both the base and mag body. It should have been printed laying on its side or front/back for better strength. Even better yet, they...
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    930 SPX: Add a Picatinny Rail (Cheap 'n Easy DIY)

    Thought I'd bump this instead of starting a new thread. Installed a Midwest Industries long rail (pn: MCTAR-03) on the forearm of my 930, so I could properly mount the switch for my light. The install went pretty smooth, but took some work to get it fit. I had to grind down the screws and...
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    AR Charging Handle

    Unless someone is basically giving it away, you're not going to save yourself much. Charging handles are in-stock everywhere, and you can find them all day for $20 or less plus tax and shipping if you're not looking for an ambi or something geared toward suppressor use.
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    Do you think this is good hunting pack?

    I've got one that looks just like this pack that is branded as Remington. I bought it 4 years ago at Wal-mart. It rides well and you can carry quite a bit of stuff. However, after 2 hunting trip and a hiking/camping trip the bottom already has a couple of small holes and one of the...
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    Barrel Threading ~~ UPDATED PICS!!

    The barrel work looks good. I've been contemplating getting work done to my 18.5" security barrel. I'm thinking threading, lengthen/polish the forcing cone, and maybe a little over boring. One thing I don't get is the point of the straight rifling. Did they give any info or reasoning as to...
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    Best reloading manual?

    Not true. Lee lists load data for cast bullets. Hornady lists their lead bullets with their data. It probably isn't ideal since they most likely used their jacketed rounds to develop the data, but it should work. There is also the RCBS manual that lists data for their bullet molds. However...
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    Best reloading manual?

    As nitesite said there really isn't any one 'best' manual. Sierra, Speer, Hornady, Barnes, and Nosler list data that they developed using their bullets. You can use this data to work up loads for different brand bullets with similar weights however. The Lyman 49th manual is good because they...
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    pictures that make you lol

    Saw that one on MSN this morning. All the other ones with it were hilarious. Here's the photo gallery from MSN: http://now.msn.com/funny-bumper-sticker ... to-gallery
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    Mossberg 930 Autoloader Side Saddles/Shell Holders

    http://www.gggaz.com/mossberg-930-side- ... older.html