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    Here`s the pix, along with an old Western w49 Bowie I had just dug out of storage before I bought the Ontario. It needs to be cleaned up and have a sheath made so I can use it, but for my uses the spec 8 is by far the better knife both by weight and design.
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    Camillus Blades

    old toolbox knife A couple years ago I rescued this old Camillus from the tool box. It now lives in the cabin and is used for yardwork and hikes. The leather handle sprouted mold during some prolonged rains, so I ordered a new one by ontario which they list as a Navy knife. The new one is...
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    Here`s a link to the factory pix and specs. http://www.ontarioknife.com/catalog/item/38 It`s a plain Jane looker, but when you pick it up you can feel that it is a serious chopper for its size. Kinda reminds me of a WW1 military Smatchet in general feel and heft.
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    I recently bought this knife primarily for use in the yard to cut weeds and saplings and clean side branches off of firewood. After using it 3 days in the yard I am quite happy with it, although I think of it as more of a general purpose tool than a machete. It seems it substitutes for a small...
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    Best value 500 tactical mods

    the 2 best mods are a stock that fits and a vent rib...
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    Need a hand with practical scenario

    Well, I think you got your marksmanship info from others. Now your tactical info: 1) You do not send one individual to do battle with an AK. You send a team. 2) The shotgun is the wrong arm for this situation. Get a rifle to do a rifle`s job. 3) Maybe one member of your team may be armed with...
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    Maverick 88 Pump Action Cross-Bolt Safety

    Re: Mav 88 Special 12ga. - safety reversal My workaround is to keep my 88 in a gun safe muzzle down, safety on 'fire' and no round in the chamber for normal circumstances (tranquil neighborhood, other adults in the house, burglar bars on all windows and doors). In an emergency, I would load a...
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    Autoloader vs Pump

    I would argue the auto is better--slightly quicker follow up shot, easier to use one-handed, etc., with the proviso that the shooter has the will and capacity to do a little better job on cleaning and lubing and spend a little more time and money on break-in. Cost wise, which is a big deal for...
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    #3 Buckshot?

    That's what I have, as well as some #2 buck which is also easiest to find online. My 20 ga. is dedicated HD; in theory it should never be used outside the house other than training. I would prefer #3 buck over any handgun ammo for room distances. If for some odd reason I though I had to take the...
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    New to Shotguns: HD Platform Design

    My perennial advice--instead of buying an expensive stock buy a second gun with a stock that fits the second shooter. As far as recoil, low recoil ammo or 20 gauge buck can solve this problem. Most of your break-in and training will be done with bird shot, for costs reasons if no other, so the...
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    What IS SD/HD range?

    I practice at 10 feet, probably a little on the long side. I also practice butt strokes and jabs. Patterning isn't an issue at this distance. The longest possible target in either of my houses is 10 meters, although this would be under the unlikely circumstance that both me and the bad guy...
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    Mods? and fix question..

    First, welcome aboard. Second, get instructions online or elsewhere on how to field strip and clean your gun. It`s not hard, you just need to play with it a little as you read the instructions and break it down to the 7 or so parts recommended for routine inspection and cleaning. If your used...
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    Noob question...need advice before I buy a 500.

    If you want all the goodies, it`s usually cheaper to buy them as a package. You also save the risks/hassles of aftermarket parts. And I think it will hold its value later if you sell it to get a stripped down HD gun that is more practical. there is a huge market for tricked-out shotguns...
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    Mossberg 500 Pump Action Customization and Modification

    Re: Sawed off / chopped barrel for 500's I whacked a vent rib a while back. I did it because I like vent ribs, not for lack of another barrel. My barrel ended up 18 5/8 inch--18 inch to keep the legal minimum, plus a little more to keep an entire vent rib support intact, plus a little more to...
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    Central American common use The attached picture shows (left to right) a normal machete used for light-duty stuff including cutting grass, a ``cuma`` machete used for clearing brush and cutting firewood, an experiment of mine (a new cuma cut off to 14 inches), a garden tool made out of a worn...
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    Ever fire a 12 gauge indoors, without hearing protection?

    Re: Ever fire a 12 gauge indoors, without hearing protection Shooting anything anywhere without hearing protection is a crap shoot--you may get permanent, temporary, or no damage from one incident. Don`t have any solid data t back up my opinion, but I think shooting my shotgun indoors would be...
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    Analysis of NRA "Armed Citizen"

    Most criminals aren`t real bright but they do know how to sucker people and will close in by stealth or pretenting some legit reason to be there. Obviously, if you live in a neighborhood of crack adicts who are successfully taking over the streets and the community, you may run into a different...
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    Does a slug kinda defeat the purpose of an HD shotgun?

    A carbine firing ,223 is a great option for home defense. Cost and training are the bugaboo for the average person. The smaller size projectiles of .223 often overpenetrate less than many common handgun and buckshot loads. Back to shotguns: they are cheap, reliable, and comparatively simple...
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    Analysis of NRA "Armed Citizen"

    http://thinkinggunfighter.blogspot.com/ Huuum, seems like a lot of HD shootouts involve 2 shots at a little more than arms length and at that distance just about any gun/ammo will work. What will I do with all the money I save by not buying accessories and trick guns and ammo? Worth a read--...
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    Are Atrocities Part of War

    For instance, in one unit I served in vietnam a couple months before I got there the unit killed a sapper in the wire. This is good, no problem about it. But then they draped the body over the barrel of a tank and drove up and down the main drag. Bad on a couple of rounds. First , it`s tacky...