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    Just Joined

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    1911: Pics and Discussion

    yes and 8 round Wilson Combats I have not used anything but Wilsons in this 1911 not even the factory Kimber
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    1911: Pics and Discussion

    detal stripped my Kimber for the 1st time yikes) this weekend. i have to tell ya it wasnt because of issues it just needed cleaned. ended up having to watch a youtube video to get everything back where it belonged but function test and good to go
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    Best value 500 tactical mods

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ yup!
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    Mossberg Tactical .22 715T- What ammo you using?

    Re: How do you store your 22LR ammo?? the only thing i wouldnt do is open all the boxes and dump them in loose, it would be good to be able to grap a box of 250 100 50 or what ever and toss it in a pocket
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    Mossberg 930 Autoloader Barrels

    Re: Gap between vent rib and receiver??? this is a file photo there appears top be a gap in the photo
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    New product opinions wanted

    no worries he asked about the rules and I posted what they say the more active members the better welcome aboard!! 40-45
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    Extending a blade

    it is pretty interesting
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    New product opinions wanted

    interesting idea viewtopic.php?f=3&t=150 rule #5 you should check with the forum mods before proceeding too far.
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    Extending a blade

    its the tang http://www.cartercrafts.com/knifeinfo.htm
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    U.N. election observers not welcome in 2 states

    I and many others have said the biggest threat to our RTKBA is the UN
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    U.N. election observers not welcome in 2 states

    our AG said "hey its the state law if you dont like it change the law"
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    wish I could set up a range in the back yard
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    What's your beverage of choice?

    while I still prefer Makers Mark , a bottle of Fireball in the freezer has been a nice change
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    2002 Honda s2000 STR autox and road race build...

    nice how about a full shot with the mods 18 years in a Honda dealership put the s2 on my short list
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    Outdated 2007 USA Today Poll

    I vote when it came out
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    renamed: DHS buys 1.6 billion rounds in 10 months

    Re: DHS buys 750 million rounds of ammo I would be more concerned that they know about some pending legislation that will drive the price up and they are locking prices in advance of that .... my .02
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    pictures that make you lol

    this is why you always carry with one in the pipe hahahhaaaaa PS the hammer was already back why would you carry cocked but no loaded?
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    Outdated 2007 USA Today Poll

    Re: USA Today 2nd ammendment poll November 2007
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    Mossberg 930 Autoloader Accessories...

    Re: Mossberg 930 SPX with AFG I agree I'm the "I cut it twice and it was still to short!!??!!" guy