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  1. CliffD

    What did Santa bring your firearms?

    From big, awesome sights to big, awesome bears! Very nice!
  2. CliffD

    What did Santa bring your firearms?

    No, it actually felt very light and "nimble". It shouldered quickly and on target. With the added reflex sight, target acquisition was no issue. I'm actually not a tactical style shooter, but I couldn't help but feel that in the right hands, this rifle could do some pretty awesome things. I...
  3. CliffD

    Something Going On ?

    Hell yeah! After reading the comments recently from the owner of Troy Industries, I wondered which direction this was going to go. I was entirely disappointed with DSG (though I rarely bought anything from them) for making this rash decision. For what its worth, my daughter wanted to go to the...
  4. CliffD

    What did Santa bring your firearms?

    You all got some nice gifts! Congrats :) The High Point Carbine was actually listed by name on the proposed 2003 ban. They spelled it wrong though lol. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect from this odd gun, but I was over the top happy with how it performed. It was one of the most fun...
  5. CliffD

    RANGE REPORT: Long Guns

    Wow, we had a great day today! As mentioned earlier, we took the Mossberg 715T, High Point .45 Carbine and the H&R 3P to the indoor range today. The little bit of cleaning and lubing after unboxing sure paid off...after a few hundred rounds, we had ZERO issues with any of the guns :) In...
  6. CliffD

    Mossberg 715T Magazines and Mag Troubleshooting

    Re: Mag question and acc. suggestions? Hello and welcome to the forum! You're an awesome Parent :) The current political climate has caused every mag for every firearm to suddenly be worth it's weight in gold (or so it seems). Your best bet is to keep watching and wait for the reputable...
  7. CliffD

    What did Santa bring your firearms?

    Thanks guys! Yeah, I was pretty happy. Most of my firearms I've purchased recently required a ton of research beforehand, dickering with the seller and often finding a FFL to close the deal. It was actually a lot of fun walking into the store and walking back out with some boxes for a change :)...
  8. CliffD

    Mossberg 464 Lever Action Scopes, Rings, and Bases

    Re: Scope Options Thread Awhile back, I was looking for a scope to complete my M44US(b) build. I was able to find the original mount and scope, but it wasn't what I wanted for this particular rifle. I wanted to get into precision .22 caliber competition...but I wanted to do it with an old skool...
  9. CliffD

    What did Santa bring your firearms?

    Well, my "old stuff" got left out this Christmas. But, I've had a weird craving these last couple of weeks for something new so I headed out to Cabela's. I raise my 14 year old daughter on my own, and it was Christmas, so I decided to be budget minded. I decided I wanted the 715T, but I heard...
  10. CliffD

    Old ,new guy in NC

    Hello and welcome! But mostly congrats on the new rifle :) I hope to see photos soon!
  11. CliffD

    Installing a swivel on synthetic stock?

    I got your PM. Good timing too, I'm off work Monday :) I'll send it out that morning and let you know its on its way. Good luck!
  12. CliffD

    Installing a swivel on synthetic stock?

    You can email me at cliffd@hotmail.com. Mine isn't as fancy as the one mossy posted up, it's simply black. But it's like new and should work just fine for toting your shotgun around in the woods :)
  13. CliffD


    Re: Looking Do you have a FFL you can work with? If so, check gunbroker.com. There's several for sale/auction at the moment (and prices are right at retail or reasonable)
  14. CliffD

    need help finding 00buck?

    You're welcome. There are often some pretty amazing deals. I once saw that Cabela's had 00 Buck for really cheap. I was excited and sent him the info. He replied back.."Thanks, but we already have 3 other listings for a lot less than your Cabela's find" lol
  15. CliffD

    Mossberg 500 Pump Action Accessories...

    Re: Vertical ForeGrip Hmmm, I'm liking that AFG. Sitting here in my recliner and "simulating" the motion, it feels comfortable. (I just hope the neighbors aren't looking in the windows though :lol: )
  16. CliffD

    Installing a swivel on synthetic stock?

    If you're in the U.S., PM me your address and I'll send you a freebie.
  17. CliffD

    need help finding 00buck?

    A good friend of mine is an Admin/Moderator of the website http://gun-deals.com/ammo. This site is a user provided listing of all known good deals on ammunition buys (the Parent site, gun-deals.com lists good prices on guns of course). The site will list both online retailers and local stores...
  18. CliffD

    ShotGun Stick

    That made me laugh :lol: I randomly find stuff around here that I put up for safe keeping. This morning, while waiting USPS to bring the tube clamp/rail mount for my new shot gun, I found one I had stashed away in a box my Harris bi-pod came in. :roll: I too took the dowel out of mine...
  19. CliffD

    Mossberg 500 Pump Action Accessories...

    Re: Vertical ForeGrip Hello and welcome aboard! Make sure you wanna do this before you actually do it. Try holding your fist under your existing fore grip and simulate the pumping action. Though I really like the looks of a fore grip on a shotgun, the hand position is just awkward for me. I do...
  20. CliffD

    Blueing the barrel question/help

    In the zombie apocalypse, it will make a nice "temp gauge" for you. If your heat shield starts smoking, it's time to run for cover and let it cool down a bit :)