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  1. Disposablehero

    Mossberg Serial Number Data Base

    So, I just picked up a Mossberg 500A with serial number 64652. I was trying to guess what year it might be from, I was thinking 1965 ish because it only has one action bar. I am glad to see this post! It looks like a late 1967. It's in rough shape cosmetically, someone swapped the stock for a...
  2. Disposablehero

    Mossberg and the Miltary

    So, I served as a Military Police officer for over 8 years and we carried 500's. Just a quick run down of what I experienced, I started in 2001 as a Military Police patrol officer and we had a SWAT team (we called them SRT) that used the Benelli semi-auto. in 2004 I was assigned to the arms room...
  3. Disposablehero

    935 jamming on low brass

    I have a couple old military shotguns (Rem 11, and Savage 720) They are patterned off of the Browning A-5 and you can flip the bushing and install it in different places depending on what load you are shooting. I just thought it was an interesting way to compensate for the low brass rounds.
  4. Disposablehero

    935 waterfowl upgrade

    I picked up a used 935 that the previous owner bought all the parts and installed them on a standard 935 (not waterfowl model). I is a smooth shooter!