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    Mossberg 464 vs Marlin 336 Lever Action

    Winchester - but it's a JMB design.
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    Mossberg 464 vs Marlin 336 Lever Action

    You're both wrong:
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    My NY Compliant AK47 Build...

    Re: Which AK-47 is the best for under 500?
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    Federal Tactical

    No problem. There's also the hunting line of buckshot that's the same as the non-low-recoil Tactical buckshot. I don't know if they make a low-recoil in the hunting packaged loads.
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    Federal Tactical

    Vital Shok buckshot with the flight control wad is the same thing as the Tactical but in a different package.
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    Should I "clear" my house?

    These are some pretty key points that need to be considered before dealing with a bump in the night in your home. I have two kids and my priority will be to get them and my (armed) wife to one place where she can defend them. I do not want to sit and wait for the turd to find us all together...
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    Leatherman MUT (PICTURE HEAVY)

    I am the King of Assault Rifle Owners!
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    Weapon Mounted Tactical Lights/Lasers

    Re: Mounting A Light On A 500 Tactical Cruiser/Persuader http://www.opticsplanet.net/streamlight-rem-870-tactical-mount-69906.html $16.95
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    Practical Tactical

    I don't have a problem transitioning to my handgun with a two-point sling.
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    Practical Tactical

    That single shot wouldn't have worked for me in my last dog attack. There were two dogs running amok in the middle of my animals. They were moving really fast and were hard to hit. I used all five shotgun shells and transitioned to my handgun before all was said and done.
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    Practical Tactical

    I've got a 12 gauge 500 with 18.5" barrel, Streamlight TLR-1 and a sling. It's got 6 rounds of Federal LE132 in it. That's what my go to gun is for bumps in the night or dogs attacking my animals. That same gun gets a 28" VR barrel with Accu-chokes and goes out in the field if I need a 12...
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    AR-15 and Variants

    Re: Stag Arms AR-15 Model 8 (piston)? This - http://noveskerifleworks.com/cgi-bin/imcart/display.cgi?item_id=lrb-556&cat=138&page=1&search=&since=&status= Just about anything from Colt This - http://www.danieldefense.com/?page=shop/detail&product_id=141 This -...
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    AR-15 and Variants

    Re: Stag Arms AR-15 Model 8 (piston)? If this really is a consideration are you aware of the restrictions on machine guns? Only machine guns registered prior to 1986 can be transferred. The prices of them have gone up dramatically since 1986. For $1500 you can do a WHOLE LOT better than Stag.
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    My Mossberg 4x4 Bolt Action Build...

    How much does that forend flex when you have a load on the pod?
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    Mossberg 930 Autoloader Forends

    Re: Aimpro Tri-Rail That rules!
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    Mossberg 930 Autoloader Forends

    Re: Aimpro Tri-Rail It pretty much is a safe queen. He's actually never fired a shot through it. Any time he gets a new gun he drags it home from the shop behind his car then he puts it in the safe.
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    German Driver gets Owned

    I don't understand how he got owned. The cop talked a bunch of crap and came off like a dick and then walked away.
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    Differences Between Maverick 88 and Mossberg 500?

    Re: Mossberg 500 or Maverick 88 Pump Action? The only functional (as far as manipulation and operation are concerned) difference is the safety location.
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    Mounting Harris Bipod To Mossberg 4x4 Bolt Action

    IF IT WERE MINE: I would put the sling swivel stud through into one of those triangles and then fill it with JB Weld or some other hell for strong epoxy. I haven't handled one of those rifles before but that forearm doesn't really look all that sturdy. I would want to reinforce the area...
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    Mossberg Tactical .22 Autoloader Reviews...

    What makes you think that? Most .22s are blowback operated - including the Mossberg Plinkster which is mentioned in the product description for this thing on Mossberg's website. I would assume this is also blowback operated.