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  1. raven01750

    State Capital Protest information

    Very cool. I have an event right here in my area. It's posted on my facebook page and I'm sure I will have fun being with some like minded people. I'm not sure where they are going with this because like everywhere else, we are not going to get any news coverage or sway the masses that day, ;)...
  2. raven01750

    State Capital Protest information

    Oli, the point I am trying to make is that the methods being used now to protect the second ammendment are not working where it counts. In the poulation centers of our country. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over expecting different results. We need to change our methods to...
  3. raven01750

    State Capital Protest information

    http://news.yahoo.com/5-500-attend-conn ... 46534.html http://photos.denverpost.com/2013/02/14 ... y-in-conn/ Just what is being reported. Of course I don't hear about the thousands rallying FOR our second ammendment rights. But this is Cali. Paul
  4. raven01750

    State Capital Protest information

    The problem we are having now with 2nd ammendment rights is that a very few gun owners are NOT being responsible and people who should never have a weapon are getting their guns and doing things with them that no one agrees with AND the media is more liberal than conservative. How are gun owners...
  5. raven01750

    State Capital Protest information

    Well, I put my money where my mouth is yesterday too. took off from work and drove to LA to do a 2nd Ammendment March where we had some coordination issues. But had about 30 people show. A nice banner and signs. The problems we had were the Christopher Dorner issue with every cop in So Cal on...
  6. raven01750

    State Capital Protest information

    Mr. Castle Thanks. I didn't see this originally but this I can do. LA is only two hours away versus the 1000 mile round trip to Sacramento. february 8th is a Friday. Time to schedule some leave. Paul
  7. raven01750

    Stop the NYS Firearms Ban Now!

    Well. I just got caught up on this topic. And even though I am greatly saddened by the news it comes as no surprise. "We the People" has lost it's meaning to people who have never had to defend their rights or serve their country and see how those "rights" actually make us a better country. The...
  8. raven01750

    State Capital Protest information

    No. It's not just you. It's the sheep. The same ones who saw their neighbors rounded up and put on trucks to be deported to concentration camps. I would love to go to Sacramento for a rally. But I don't know if I can make 500 miles which is how far my state capitol is from me. Keep me informed...
  9. raven01750


    One thing that I am MOST grateful for right now is the fact that we are FINALLY seeing some news reports that are talking about guns in a reasonable way. Reporting cases where guns actually helped save lives as well as the historical significance of how and why guns were included as an...
  10. raven01750

    Penn & Teller: Bull$#!t - Gun Control & Other Videos

    Re: Penn & Teller: Bull$#!t - Gun Control It's GREAT! :D Paul
  11. raven01750

    Come and Talk to Me.

    Mr/Mrs Politician. I would like to ask that you stand up for the safety of all Americans if it makes sense. Today, you have been asked to consider banning all kinds of Firearms from "Law Abiding" citizens in the name of Public Safety. I say that Public Safety would be better served if you took...
  12. raven01750

    Mossberg 930 Autoloader Reviews...

    Re: salient 930 questions :lol: It's too bad OFM doesn't read our foum to see what members can do to make "their" shotguns even more awsome! If they marketed these type of improvements, they would have a whole new class of competion type SG's. Simple mods for the factory that would improve the...
  13. raven01750


    LOL. Calm down guys. As a Constitutional Ammendment it would need two thirds of the states to approve it. Never going to happen... Paul
  14. raven01750

    The Point: Arrowhead Pics and Discussion

    Very Cool Selous. I was recently looking into how arrows actually work since they don't have the energy of a bullet. Basically I was wondering how a smaller caliber handgun like a 9mm stacked up. And the arrow head was the answer. And a 9mm doesn't compare. :lol: The amount of damage one of...
  15. raven01750

    Everyone writing letters?

    I haven't. Yet! The reason I have been waiting is because of the Fiscal Cliff deal they are beating the hell out of each other about. Their attention is only on one thing right now. But when they do move to start talking about the "new" weapons bill in whatever form it takes, I assure you I will...
  16. raven01750

    Hello from Mrs. Ripjack

    Hi Mrs Ripjack! It's always great when a couple can find things to do together. But, I hope this isn't going to lead to arguments over who gets to use the computer to talk about your new interest! :lol: Welcome aboard. And have fun. Paul
  17. raven01750

    OK hunters, would you ?

    Yea it crosses my mind too. Before I put the 9 mil on layaway yesterday (which I still may change to a 40 instead), I was thinking about the 454 Casull because of it's power. With a 7.5" barrel, it has about 1100 ft/lbs of energy at 100 yards making it very acceptable for big game even here in...
  18. raven01750

    Fienstein to introduce Assault Weapon Ban

    LOL. Touche. I was refering to Big Game hunting Oli. I of course use my 22 or .410 for small game. Relax guys. I'm on your side. :D But I just got a copy of the link to our CA rep Feinstein's gun bill. Basically, it goes after every kind of weapon but excludes "any firearm that is manually...
  19. raven01750

    Fienstein to introduce Assault Weapon Ban

    Re: Connecticut School shooting. ??? John, I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I never said that they aren't suited for hunting. Anything that shoots a projectile with enough velocity and energy is suitable for hunting and so is the AR style of weapon. I just said that I don't really...
  20. raven01750

    What did Santa bring your firearms?

    I got a single point harness and two new Mossberg owners Hats. One Camo and One Orange. Both very cool! Thanks Santa. (Even if I bought them myself) LOL. paul