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  1. celt1314

    535 blue collar gun

    It didn't fit me very well. The wrist its just to big four my hand. I had an old master mag 880#that fit much better. I traded it for a Winchester model 12.
  2. celt1314

    New member from PA.

    Welcome from Chillicothe Illinois!
  3. celt1314

    Down in the dirt in AZ

    Welcome from Illinois.
  4. celt1314

    Scope Mounting Kit?

    Just a suggestion...use the sights that came on the barrel? I feel a great sense of accomplishment when i tattoo something at 100yards with the ol' irons!
  5. celt1314

    535 turkey and field combo NEED HELP

    Good to go I'd say
  6. celt1314

    turkey loads and chokes

    Re: loads and choke turkey ;) big bang, dead turkey. 3&1/2 , can't go wrong.
  7. celt1314

    535 slide action assembly

    It'd also like to know. I didn't think it worked because of the receives being a different length.
  8. celt1314

    Mossberg 535 ATS Pump Action Accessories...

    I might have one to sell. Comes with the chokes. The only accessories i have now are a box o shells!
  9. celt1314

    Mossberg 535 ATS Pump Action Troubleshooting

    My 535 makes a real loud noise when i put a shell in it! It goes BOOM BOOM BOOM...every time... Also it's it bad that i can cycle the pump while holding the gun with only one hand? 8-)
  10. celt1314

    535 Accu Chokes

  11. celt1314

    Newb from MO

  12. celt1314

    I'm New

    Welcome aboard!
  13. celt1314

    new guy from Chillicothe Illinois

    :D Hey I'm from Illinois and i drove a 379 in the lower 48... :D
  14. celt1314

    Description from Mossberg...

    Mine rattles more than my old master mag 880c...s'ok though. Still think it's a great gun.
  15. celt1314


    It's a mossberg....bullet proof
  16. celt1314

    Hi-Viz Snap-On Sight

    I had one in red on my master mag...loved it. I put a drop of super glue under it and it never moved on me
  17. celt1314

    new to me 535 field and deer combo

    Haven't decided, is there any demand for a field barrel for a535? I'd hate to get stuck with it
  18. celt1314

    How did you hear about or find MossbergOwners.com??

    I just googled mossberg forums and here i am. I am i member of serval others and excluding my home forum at R.M.N.F. This is my favorite! You guys have been very friendly and helpful!