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  1. Kevin Keith

    Biden says gun owners would need F-15s and nukes to take on the US gov't

    That's what the Russians told the Afghan mujahadin in the 1970s. lol
  2. Kevin Keith

    Shockwave Availability

    Shockwaves are in stock pretty consistently here in the Fort Worth area Academy stores. Not in great numbers, but pretty regular and they get snatched up fast. My brother bought a Nightstick a couple of weeks ago at the Arlington store, he loves it. The store in South Fort Worth has a...
  3. Kevin Keith

    1911: Pics and Discussion

    I remember the Shok-Buff...I didn't think about them having an expiration date! Wilson is good about helping out though!
  4. Kevin Keith

    Wheel GUNS!!

    As a matter of fact, neither had mine since we live in a rural area. Until...one night on her way home she was stopped at the tracks waiting for a train to pass. This crossing is just a few miles from our home, but this time she noticed some guy hanging out in the area. That made her nervous...
  5. Kevin Keith

    1911: Pics and Discussion

    Thanks! Sure, here's why I do it. 1. Tying down the grip safety is completely reversable. Pinning the grip safety is too, but unwinding rawhide is easier for me. 2. The grip safety can keep you from firing if your grip is less than ideal. Drawing in a hurry under the stress of a self...
  6. Kevin Keith

    1911: Pics and Discussion

    I have these two now, a Springfield Mil-Spec Defender and a Taurus PT1911. The rawhide strip on the Taurus is to deactivate the grip safety. If I ever carry it off my property I just unwind it from the grip so I don't cause any undue stress on the populace. Condition One does enough of that...
  7. Kevin Keith

    Wheel GUNS!!

    Top is a 642-1, no lock Bottom is 642-2, with lock WhenCC becomes law on September 1, The wife has claimed the 642-2 as her purse gun. She says she will be carrying on a long family tradition of armed women since her grandmother routinely carried a Colt M1917 in her ample hand bag! lol
  8. Kevin Keith

    New from Bama

    Glad you're here!
  9. Kevin Keith

    new to this place

    It's a good forum, you're going to like it.
  10. Kevin Keith

    Hello from WV.

    I'm a new guy here too, welcome!
  11. Kevin Keith

    The odors of freshly brewed strong coffee and Hoppe's #9 at 5:30 AM

    Now that's funny and I don't care who you are! Does anyone else think Hoppes smells like bananas? Well, regardless of anything else it may or may not smell like, it smells like memories!
  12. Kevin Keith

    Wheel GUNS!!

    I'm a Ruger Wrangler fan. If I ever find a bronze one imma get it!
  13. Kevin Keith

    New Member...

    I just joined the other day...I've been reading since then. lol
  14. Kevin Keith

    Wheel GUNS!!

    Colt Single Action Army, .357 magnum
  15. Kevin Keith

    Wheel GUNS!!

    I have a few revolvers. They are all pretty run of the mill, but I like them. I'll start with my 629. The Galco Combat Master is my favorite holster for this one.
  16. Kevin Keith

    Jawbones for home defense

    I keep this one on the mantel. When you need that jawbone nothing but instant access will do.
  17. Kevin Keith

    Hi Fellow Mossberg Owners!

    No relation that I know about.
  18. Kevin Keith

    I signed my retirement papers today

    I'm glad you made it out with your life and your freedom. I retired 10 years ago after 27 years with the THP. I know you are a happy man!
  19. Kevin Keith

    Hi Fellow Mossberg Owners!

    I'm just found this forum and look forward to active participation. I'm a Texan born and raised, and am retired from the THP. I have three Mossberg shotguns and and looking at buying a Patriot in .30-06 soon. I am glad to be here!