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  1. WNCmotard

    How is everyone surviving the pandemic?

    Work hasn't really changed a whole lot luckily, other than working from home more than I already did. I am very much a home body. BUT, there's a big difference in choosing to go home after work and hang out there, and being told you have to. I live alone, no family nearby at all, and very few...
  2. WNCmotard

    2 + 2 + 2 = 7 (Jokes)

    Heard on the radio yesterday; Is buttcheeks one word, or do you spread them apart?
  3. WNCmotard

    Legal carry

    It all depends on your state laws. For example, I live in NC, and we have a CHP (concealed handgun permit) here. Since the shockwave is classified as a firearm by the ATF, I could not legally conceal it here.
  4. WNCmotard

    check in

    Not around much these days, just busy with life. But it's all good. Hope everyone here is doing well.
  5. WNCmotard

    Riding targets

    Scoop, the Wheels Through Time trip was a hit for me as well. And I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, and riding with you. I very rarely ride the moto anymore, I spend all that time on bicycles these days. It keeps me in better shape, and lets me see things in my own neck of the woods that I've...
  6. WNCmotard

    Camo~ patterns and techniques for firearms, bows and gear

    ^^Agreed, if an AR doesn't have any scuffs, it isn't well loved.
  7. WNCmotard

    Attention GA members

    It'll never fly in GA, not gonna happen.