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  1. tattooo

    new old goat

    Welcome !
  2. tattooo

    Kimber expanding manufacturing

    That is great news
  3. tattooo

    Noticing a lot of pistol caliber carbines being sold

    +1 phenomenal little shooter
  4. tattooo

    Good morning

    Good morning, we already have a decent amount of snow as well.
  5. tattooo

    New Mossberg 590 a1 owner

    Welcome aboard !
  6. tattooo

    Greetings from Here....

    Welcome aboard
  7. tattooo

    Shockwave - new build

    Welcome aboard and congrats
  8. tattooo

    Happy Thanksgiving...!!

    Happy thanksgiving !
  9. tattooo

    Thank You

    Welcome and glad to have you
  10. tattooo

    Hello from Fairfield Ct.

    Welcome aboard
  11. tattooo

    Hello from SWVA

    Welcome aboard !
  12. tattooo

    New Member from PA

    Glad to have you.....welcome
  13. tattooo

    New "Lurker" from VA ;)

    Welcome to the site
  14. tattooo

    new here from South Dakota

    Welcome to the forum
  15. tattooo

    Hi all

    Welcome aboard
  16. tattooo

    Hello from Michigan

    Welcome !
  17. tattooo

    New Shotgun Guy with a 930

    Welcome aboard
  18. tattooo

    new here from South Dakota

    Welcome aboard
  19. tattooo

    New Patriot Owner

    Congrats and happy shooting !
  20. tattooo

    New Mossberg owner

    Welcome aboard !