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  1. 95jza80tt

    Mossberg 590 Pump Action Heat Shields

    Looks like Mossberg changed the barrel and mag tubes on the newer 590’s and they can now easily fit the factory Mossberg heat shields. 2016< model on top 2017> below it.
  2. 95jza80tt

    California Farmer Has Guns Confiscated ... After... Register Rifle

    Not to mention how many of those individual registrants are joint registrants for the same firearms.
  3. 95jza80tt

    Noticing a lot of pistol caliber carbines being sold

    Just saw that the MeanArms EndoMag 9mm setup is available for preorder now $25ea or $69 for 3x https://www.meanarms.com/products/detail/endomag-9mm-preorder
  4. 95jza80tt

    Noticing a lot of pistol caliber carbines being sold

    BTW I forgot to add that I was reading the comments section from that video and they responded to a question from TGC about being able to ditch using adapter blocks then and the response was this "That is correct, no need for an adapter block. Use your standard AR lower with a 9mm upper of...
  5. 95jza80tt

    Noticing a lot of pistol caliber carbines being sold

    You guys have me laughing here at my workstation reading the excitement in your posts. I'm real interested in this since I have yet to build a proper AR. I could finally do that and just get extra mags and swap the upper to a 9mm and run this mag adapter setup and just swap back when I want to...
  6. 95jza80tt

    Noticing a lot of pistol caliber carbines being sold

    something I just saw today..
  7. 95jza80tt

    Mossberg 590 Shock Wave

    I like watching the lucky gunner youtube channel and he's entitled to his opinion. At Least Mrgunsngear likes his shockwave.
  8. 95jza80tt

    Springfield Saint Pistol

    Nice transition from the shockwave.. I'm starting to notice a pattern of short and stout with you. LOL
  9. 95jza80tt

    The plight of the crappy drag racer.

    At least you are building skills and doing it right by being safe. I was one of those kids with the rice rockets in the industrial side of town making a mess of the nicely paved roads and running from police when they showed up. Luckily I got that out of my system quickly, but then soon after it...
  10. 95jza80tt

    590A1 magazine length

    I bought the 590 non heavy barrel version of this same gun you posted and it came with the same extension that's pictured, but it was not actually flush with the barrel. The extension that I mentioned in my post makes it truly flush to the muzzle and my gun is now a (7+1) 8shot. After...
  11. 95jza80tt

    590A1 magazine length

    If you want yours to be 100% flush with the muzzle, look at purchasing a choate magazine extension. Mine came with the extension as well like your friends, but I still swapped it out for a longer one from choate to be 100% flush to the muzzle. The Choate +1 4.25" extension sits flush with the...
  12. 95jza80tt

    New 590A1 question

    I don't believe they ever offered a standard 590 with the XS ghost ring sights, but I'm pretty new to the game. Wait for one of the more established members to come in here to either confirm or correct me. perhaps a better lit picture of the muzzle as well will help.
  13. 95jza80tt

    De-tacticalizing a 500.

    Wow I don't know how I missed this thread. Great job on refinishing and repurposing your mossy.
  14. 95jza80tt

    9mm AR's

    With the legality of shouldering a pistol brace now settled for the time being I dunno why this is even a question. Also the addition of now adjustable pistol braces and the ability to cross over most state lines with a pistol as opposed to a SBR it just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.
  15. 95jza80tt

    9mm AR's

    I also thought this mag adapter was pretty interesting, skip to 3:20 to hear about their colt ar9 mags and 3:50 for the mag block if you're not interested in hearing about their new drum mags, which sound pretty good.
  16. 95jza80tt

    9mm AR's

    All good reasons in my mind for you to go colt mag setup as well. One of the larger factors to me that I didn't see you list is that the colt mag conversions and dedicated lowers have a feed ramp. Where as the glock pattern ones do not and becomes an issue for running HP's.
  17. 95jza80tt

    9mm AR's

    If you want to keep to the glock pattern they do make a glock pattern adapter now as well. https://getstern.com/collections/all/9mm-conversion-kit He makes a good point though of pointing out getting used to the different mag release on this setup though. I figure this might be a little...
  18. 95jza80tt

    A few 590A1 Questions

    I'm by no means as experienced as some of the other fellas on the forums but I have read tons of feedback from others prior to getting my own shotgun. My suggestion is to go for the 50670 model. It is not the A1 so it has a lighter barrel. It still has ghost ring sights and the tri-rail forend...
  19. 95jza80tt

    Magpul 500/590 handguard question

    Thanks, I appreciate the kind words. That is a bit of money to be in to that set up and the only positives that I can see tothist is the mounting abilities for using moe or mlok rail sections to put on accessories/lights/etc.. If you are a kiss sort of guy then this wouldn't be a good setup for...
  20. 95jza80tt

    Magpul 500/590 handguard question

    Not that my opinion is worth much but I agree on all points of what you've said and I am pretty sure I have read about others that have used the combinations of the hogue nut with their shorter forend tube to fit the magpul if I can remember where I read it I will post the source. Edit* This...