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  1. cmcdonald

    Now here is a load-out that anybody would love to have

    I dithered too long and lost the chance to buy one of those. I don't why I hesitated so long...it was stupid. Then they were all bought up and then the hammer fell...no more handguns. What colour scheme is yours? Ruger had a few different choices for the Wrangler.
  2. cmcdonald

    Whirlpool Shotgun Rounds

    Flechettes...totally illegal here in the Great(?) White North. Just like so many other fun things...like dragon's breath rounds. "We must prevent the having of fun at all costs."...The Canadian Government
  3. cmcdonald

    National Vietnam Veterans Day - NEED YOUR HELP

    I know the telling of war stories can be a touchy subject for many different reasons...if either of you or any vet wants to share their experiences here at MO I'm sure there are many who would be very interested to hear and some who could benefit from them. And, not just what happened on the...
  4. cmcdonald

    pictures that make you lol

    No thanks, We're full!
  5. cmcdonald

    NYC Earthquake

    The Yellowstone caldera is the makings of wild nightmares for certain!
  6. cmcdonald

    Now here is a load-out that anybody would love to have

    Believe it or not with a valid license, I could walk into any gun store in Kanukistan, buy the rifles and shotguns and walk out an hour later. (Not the tommy, BAR or the 45 pistol though).
  7. cmcdonald

    Please Note - New Member Registration Problems

    The forum has been experiencing some technical difficulties with not sending out the automated new member confirmation emails. If you have tried to register in the past but were unable to complete the process due to not receiving a confirmation email, please check back again as we are...
  8. cmcdonald

    My rifle-shotgun

    I gotta say I've had sore shoulders and the odd cheek slap with full power slugs...but using the push/pull method for 00 buck and slugs helps a ton. Years ago I remember sighting in a rifle sight, slug barrel...before I knew about push/pull...LOL!
  9. cmcdonald

    NYC Earthquake

    We've been preparing for the "big one" for decades. We're told that whether in a short or long time a 9.0 is going to shake the crap out of the PNW and coastal British Columbia. I believe its the Juan De Fuca fault that they think will deliver a major earthquake to the region along with a tsunami.
  10. cmcdonald

    Bat Shot Crazy

    Please define "reasonable"...we'll be the judge of that!! LOL!
  11. cmcdonald

    The Shiny Five-Ninety Went Down I-Ninety (five). (I-95)

    That's a real pretty shotgun. I like it. I like it a lot.
  12. cmcdonald

    Good morning

    I have had a few periodic and brief issues over the last week or two just bringing up the page prior to login. Not every time but a few times Firefox (on Windows) can't find MO on the first try. Not sure what that means if anything at all.
  13. cmcdonald

    Bat Shot Crazy

    Yeah that's huge shot for small critters! Not to mention fast moving! Even #5 or 6 would be big and heavy for bats. Like you said, unless they're the size of a small dog...LOL!!
  14. cmcdonald

    Good morning

    Loss of hearing has the potential to lead to other issues impacting quality of life in the later stages. One being a significant contributing factor to dementia. All I can say, is do what you can to protect your hearing now and don't wait too long to bite the bullet on hearing aids. My Dad...
  15. cmcdonald

    Cutting a picatinny rail into an MC2 subcompact frame?

    Good job! Glad it worked for you!
  16. cmcdonald

    Mossberg 195K-A with checkering?

    Post up a pic if you get the chance to see it again.
  17. cmcdonald

    Safe to use 00 buckshot on rifled deer barrel ?

    Bobster is right, you could shorten a barrel. Shortened to a minimum 18.5", you could have a gunsmith cut it and crown it for you. Our laws are stupid, (no kidding) you can buy a factory shotgun barrel down to as short as 10" or even less I think and it's no problem. But, cut down a barrel to...
  18. cmcdonald

    Safe to use 00 buckshot on rifled deer barrel ?

    Best I can recommend is check your local Cabela's...I've seen them in there from time to time. Also, couldn't hurt to check out any gun shows in your area...I've seen them in varying lengths. I think in the absence of Remington's own manufacturing for a few years, Carlson's has been making...
  19. cmcdonald

    Safe to use 00 buckshot on rifled deer barrel ?

    Yeah this whole issue just makes me mad. I can't hardly believe the nonsense that falls out the mouths of public officials these days.
  20. cmcdonald

    Anyone here call themselves a chainsaw or axe geek?

    Log splitters are the cat's ass man. My crazy MIL had one when she lived on a rural island, I cut wood for her a number of times over the years. She gave the damn, beautiful thing away before she left..............AAAARRRRRGH!!