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  1. CanuckBuck

    590A1 Magpul MOE forend & Heat Shield?

    I had actually canceled that order from Brownells becasue it was going to take a while to get to Canada, and decided to buy the Black Aces Tactical quad rail instead. It looks like a beast now:thumbsup:
  2. CanuckBuck

    Flip Up Sights for 590A1?

    Not a problem. I chose the Vortex Crossfire II LED Upgrade model becasue it fit my budget. Plus I bought it from a used gun website which made my price come down some. Here in Canada the price for everything is jacked way up. Atleast you can get that military deal and Vortex will be able to lead...
  3. CanuckBuck

    Flip Up Sights for 590A1?

    Hi Roy, It seems you have the brackets in the proper position (small cutout attached to barrel and large cutout on the mag tube). The small gap between the bracket and your shotgun doesn't look so good though... With that gap your rail could potentially come loose very quickly I woukd think...
  4. CanuckBuck

    Flip Up Sights for 590A1?

    Hello PhysioDoc, If you are referring to "wiggle room" for the mounting brackets, there was very little - and by that I mean barely any space. It was abit difficult for me to install this quad rail for dexterity reasons, but it turned out great in my opinion. I will get some photos up soon...
  5. CanuckBuck

    Magpul Angled Fore-Grip: AFG/AFG2 Review

    Thanks John. I suppose it is more to grab on to while racking then forend? That 500 looks great and the camo suits the landscape well!
  6. CanuckBuck

    Magpul Angled Fore-Grip: AFG/AFG2 Review

    I know this is an old topic, and my appologies for bringing it to life after so many years... I was curious to know if the Magpul AFG or AFG2 would be useful on my Magpul edition Mossberg 590A1? I've never used an angled foregrip and have no clue how it feels, or what I might even expect from...
  7. CanuckBuck

    Trudeau does it again...

    Well said Mcdonald. I was thinking of doing the same. "Hunting land" has become more pricey lately which leads me to think that other people are thinking the same thing ... Self sustainability and away from all the hustle and bustle on the cities. I know I can survive without all the luxuries of...
  8. CanuckBuck

    Trudeau does it again...

    Canada introduces new gun buy-back program as firearms legislation tabled: https://www.citynews1130.com/2021/02/16/trudeau-government-would-allow-municipalities-to-ban-handguns-under-new-bill/ Trudeau does not have my vote. The only vote of mine he has is the vote to give him the boot!
  9. CanuckBuck

    new member

    Welcome from Canada!
  10. CanuckBuck

    Hello From Ontario Canada

    Welcome! Glad to see another Ontarian here!
  11. CanuckBuck

    Truck bed fishing rod ideas....

    I have a lid covering the bed of both my trucks, but if I didn't, I would invest in something like this product... The price is reasonable and you don't haveto disassemble the rods. https://www.storeyourboard.com/inshore-truck-bed-fishing-rod-rack-pressure-mount-holds-up-to-5-rods/
  12. CanuckBuck

    590 or 590A1

    The 590A1 is heavy, and depends how long you plan to be bushwhacking for at any given time. There are sling mounts avaliable for the 590A1 which could be of use if you wish to have that specific model. When the mag is fully charged, it will add even more weight - but you can take down 2 or 3...
  13. CanuckBuck

    Just added some new furniture to my 500

    Looks like that furnature came with the gun! Nice job! Wood and steel always look beautiful together!
  14. CanuckBuck

    Lessons learned

    Wow! It sounds like your cameras have seen more action than mine ever did!
  15. CanuckBuck

    Building The Ultimate Home Defence Plan

    No problem! I would love to do the same, but I'm in the same boat as you!
  16. CanuckBuck

    Building The Ultimate Home Defence Plan

    I received an email from Mossberg for this free ebook. Here is the download link I received...
  17. CanuckBuck

    Lessons learned

    3:30AM is when people are up to no good. It is the witching hour - because most people are asleep at that time. Cameras are very handy, and detur people from coming on to your property. Nobody wants to be caught on camera. Period. You do bring up some good pointers which will be handy for...
  18. CanuckBuck

    New to the Mossberg Owners Forum

    Welcome to the MO forum from Canada! Enjoy your new Mossberg! They are a hoot to shoot!
  19. CanuckBuck

    New From The Tarheel State

    Hello and welcome from Canada!
  20. CanuckBuck

    Hehehe,half done hybrid

    Mossberg may take your idea and run with it! Looks slick my friend!:cheers: