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  1. mic214

    Mossberg 590 Shock Wave

    I just picked up a 590S, but haven’t had a chance to shoot it due to the rain here. I added the TL-Racker fore end to it:
  2. mic214

    Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag Pump Action Photo Gallery

    My first 835 came from K-Mart back when they were selling guns many years ago: I swapped out the barrel and the fore end and added a mag extension: I ended up trading that on off for a S&W Model 64 that I had to have, but I held onto the short barrel, fore end and mag extension in the...
  3. mic214

    Illuminate Me

    I have a TLR-1 on my 590-A1. It is my primary HD shotgun. I am left handed, so I mounted the light on the right side of the fore end as that works best for me.
  4. mic214

    New Magpul Furniture

    That looks great!
  5. mic214

    My 835.....

    I finally got the rear sling swivel installed on my 835. I also upgraded the front sling mount with one from Magpul:
  6. mic214

    I'll show you mine if you show me yours! 590 photo thread!

    I swapped out the black furniture for FDE:
  7. mic214

    One Gun, One Knife

    Colt New Frontier in .44 Special with my Randall Model 15:
  8. mic214

    .22 Pistols: Pics and Discussion

    Ruger MK-II with a 10” barrel set up for long range rabbit control: Ruger Challenger: Ruger MK-IV 22/45: The suppressor in the above two photos is a Silencerco Spectre II. Colt Huntsman:
  9. mic214

    Let's talk slings

    I picked up a Magpul Paraclip for the front sling mount on my 590A1. I am using the built in sling mount on the Magpul stock for the rear attachment. the sling is a basic black web sling that I had in my "Box O' Parts".....
  10. mic214

    My 590A1…

    I added a sling to the 590A1: A pic of the new "Lads":
  11. mic214

    My Randalls......

    Over the years I have managed to gather a few Randall knives. This first one is a Model 12-9 Bowie with a Model 14 blade grind. I bought this as a retirement gift for myself. I call it my "Crocodile Dundee" knife: Next up is a pair of Model 15's, the first with a leather stacked handle and a...
  12. mic214

    My 590A1…

    I brought my 590A1 up to Colorado to do some shooting with my son-in-law who now has the first 590A1 I bought a while back. He really liked the Magpul furniture, so I got an FDE set for mine and I will be giving him the black set on our next trip up there……:)
  13. mic214

    One of my older Moras

    The clone was one of those “Get the knife free and only pay for shipping” deals, which was either $3 or $5……
  14. mic214

    Post Your EDC Blade

    I switched from Benchmade to either a Zero Tolerance folder: Or a Spyderco Native, depending on my mood……
  15. mic214

    One of my older Moras

    Moras are great knives. I have one clone and two Moras in my collection. The one on the left is always in my truck. The center one is a clone that I carry in my Polaris Ranger and the one on the right is the one I use when kayaking…
  16. mic214

    My 590A1…

    I just picked up a used 590A1 from a member on another forum. This one is a 51663. The previous owner had swapped out the rear stock for a Magpul stock: I had a Magpul fore end with a TLR1 mounted on it that was going to go on my 835, but it fit perfectly on this baby: I eventually plan to...
  17. mic214

    Mossberg Serial Number Data Base

    I am the third owner of a 590A1. I believe it is a Model 51663. The serial number is T680xxx. I think that puts the date of manufacture to sometime in 2010…
  18. mic214

    835 as a home defense shotgun

    Capt., That turned out great!