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    Hope the staff at The Journal News sleep well. lol

    This guy deserves an atta boy! http://betabeat.com/2012/12/blogger-dox ... t-holders/
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    Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?

    Thanks for posting this! Posted this on my FB, not one reply from my Lib friends. Oh I'm so surprised lol
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    New news on the Oregon Mall shooting

    I did wonder about this, because a reporter asked during a news conference with the police spokesman, if someone with a concealed permit was involved. Just thanking God this wasn't worse than it was! I txt'd my UPS buddy during this and he just replied. "I'm okay. It's unreal". I can't...
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    Libs to march on NRA DC office tomorrow

    Odd how they think Police, Military, etc are some kind of super-humans and not what they really are, which is regular people like you and I. I thank them all for their service! Also, doesn't seem to be much focus on the fact that the majority of these shooters were not the owners of the...
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    New news on the Oregon Mall shooting

    Thanks for posting this oli. Sad I live here in Oregon, even worked in that mall for Fedex for over 2 years, yet never saw this on our local news.
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    Turkey Season 2012

    Re: 14 Y.O. son shot his 1st Turkey this A.M. Well done young Sir! Congratz! Soon turkeys everywhere will get chills when they hear your name. :)
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    Need Everyone's Help on a Mystery Gun

    That's a beauty!
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    ^^^TOP SHOT^^^ Season #4

    I was surprised Kyle had such a mental breakdown. I thought he had the best plan going into the elimination challenge. The Browning M1919 on the Half Track looked like a ball! I could imagine it would have been very easy to blast through 100 rounds in a heartbeat, but it would be fun! :D
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    Homeowner Kills Armed Intruder with AR-15

    I agree. The press is just setting this guy up for another break-in. Doubt another home invasion, due to the outcome of this one, but nobody said criminals are smart!
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    Welcome aboard from Oregon!
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    Homeowner Kills Armed Intruder with AR-15

    Martin was convicted of six felony drug counts last November and received a seven-year probated sentence, police said. Guess no 3 strikes rule in Tenn.? Glad the homeowner was a gun enthusiast! Sounds like the world will be a better place without Mr. Martin!
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    I've been drinkin' about you...

    Oops my bad. I over did the drinking part a little bit. I'll try again tonight :lol:
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    how high can we count in pictures? {prob nsfw eventually}

    Re: how high can we count in pictures? {prob nsfw eventually
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    I've been drinkin' about you...

    I haven't had enough to drink just yet to delve into zombie sex............Give me a couple minutes :)
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    ^^^TOP SHOT^^^ Season #4

    One day I'd love to try that 1500 yard shot. Always been impressed by those who can make a shot count at a great distance! Hated to see Gabby go! Another cutie bites the dust :cry: William on the other hand, I was grinning ear to ear when he lost. Rather have seen Greg go, but William was...
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    Got Wood?

    Those look pro! Great job Rip!
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    New to the site...

    Welcome aboard from Oregon.
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    Members of Mossberg Owners, Post Pics of Your Self!

    Thanks Nite. Been a weird year. Tons of rain and high water this year. We normally don't have the steelys still in the lower Columbia. Normally we are fishing for Spring Chinook Salmon at this time. That pic was taken last Saturday. We are still seeing a 5 to 1, steelhead to Chinook ratio...
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    Members of Mossberg Owners, Post Pics of Your Self!

    Thanks L.E.S. Columbia River metalheads don't stand a chance against my new Mossy 500 flyrod :lol: jk