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    New Maverick 88 Owner

    Ill never use Minishells. I only shoot 2-3/4" and 3" No shotgun Ive ever fired has been fired using minishells.
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    FS-OR3GUN/GG&G Components for 930

    That picatinny what model is that for?
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    New Maverick 88 Owner

    I just took apart the shot gun completely and im going to lube it up properly.
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    Red Dot on a Maverick 88

    So I recently acquired a Maverick 88 and want to put a Red Dot on it. I cant seem to find any optics mounting solutions that dont require drilling into the top of the receiver. anyone have any options for this that are actually rigid enough to allow a Red Dot.
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    New Maverick 88 Owner

    So my coworker bought this for his kid and he never used it or shot it. Never even took it out of the box. I live in Pa and want to do some upgrades to this. Instead of the folding stock I wanna do an AR type adjustable stock. And want to do a Red Dot but apparently all the optic mounts are...