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    BUIS: Back-Up Iron Sights

    Your Welcome SGT. I am no expert, but I do belive in helping folks anyway I can. Have you ever though of buying a barrel, with the sights, new, or used? This might come out cheaper, and you can have a spare.
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    BUIS: Back-Up Iron Sights

    Good Morning SGT, Is this something you would be interested in? http://www.midwayusa.com/product/844765 ... -optic-red http://www.brownells.com/shotgun-parts/ ... 12591.aspx
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    Mossberg Tactical .22 715T- Optics

    Re: Red dot scope with some magnification I have a friend that shoots 3gun matches that swears by his. I have not used one personally, but he likes his alot.
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    Traditional Bow: Pics and Discussion

    Thank you sir, They love to shoot, my 6 year old will smoke me on small ground targets out to 15 yards.
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    Traditional Bow: Pics and Discussion

    Heres some of my boys and I shooting. The bows. Scotty 6 years old, 20LB Bear Recurve. Sammy 4 years old 10lb Bear Wizard Bow. Me and my 50LB Longbow. Me shooting, and Scotty following along in form.
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    Cover for 590A1 Blackwater Picatinny Rail

    Merry Christmas Kurt, What about these? http://www.laruetactical.com/magpul-xt- ... ail-panels
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    Happy Holidays...

    Re: TIS THE SEASON Merry Christmas, Hope everyone has a safe, and memorable time with family and friends.
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    Happy Holidays...

    It's been awhile, but I had to check in, and wish you all a Merry Christmas.
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    Bolt Action Rifles

    I have a weakness for WWI and WWII Bolt Guns. Lee Enfields to be exact. Heres one of my Brits. Me caught doing a Mad Minute top off, same rifle.
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    Longbows and recurves

    My Boys and I shoot traditional. Ages 3, 6, 10, and soon to be 40. I have a compound, but traditional is where my heart is. One day I will get an English War Bow...... But for now these will have to do.
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    'Ol Faithfull

    It is an OLEAN Ka-Bar.
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    Let's See Those Custom/Rare Blades

    ImAShrimp What did you make that from? Man, that thing looks medieval. :shock:
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    Travel: Where have you been; where are you going?

    I remember that saying, :lol: I too was a Grunt in Division. 3rd Brigade 2 Panther. Camp Mackall's Rhine Luzon was a terrible DZ. Good to see another Paratrooper. HOOAH! I know old post, just doing some searching, and found this. I am traveling now for my new job, week down in Orlando, back...
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    Vang Comp 590A1

    Thanks guys, sorry for the delay. I have a new job, home on the weekends, and back out of town during the week. Gumbydammit, thank you. No sarcasim ment, but do I just call up and ask for "Gumbydammit"? It will be a little while since I am working out of town, and have alot of schooling to...
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    AR TIME!!

    Good Morning John A. I worked for a shop 3.5 years ago, I built AR's, sold firearms, and firearms repair for a gunshop. It was a class3 dealer 07FFL SOT. I am looking to have my own place to work with, class3 items, tranfers, and build SBR's, SBS's. I still get calls from some of my old...
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    Vang Comp 590A1

    Just about to turn in. I just told my wife, this board has not only the know how, but pictures to answer just about anything. You guys are Top Shelf! Thanks Sniper! This truely is one of the most productive sites, I have been a part of.
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    Vang Comp 590A1

    We like that, thanks. Looks like I need to get out more. :lol:
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    Vang Comp 590A1

    Your right. I never looked at them, all these years. It will be an easy transition, since she shoots an AR. Well, you learn something new everyday. I have had a bead on every shotgun I have owned. I never thought about anything else, until now. Thanks Guys!
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    Vang Comp 590A1

    We just watched a video on youtube, she likes the Ghost Rings. They look like they can put some slugs down range pretty accurately.
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    Vang Comp 590A1

    We have been in a couple of shops, 590A1's are ordered in, and the ones we have seen were beads.