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  1. GirlsLoveGuns2

    New 930 SPX owner from Houston, TX!

    Welcome from Cypress, TX! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. GirlsLoveGuns2

    What are you saving your money for?

    Savings?? What's that?! Lol. What I wish I could save for.. 4 sets of braces, 4 cars, 4 college educations. What would be fun to save for... a Wilson Combat 1911 .45 and a family vacation! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. GirlsLoveGuns2

    Review: UAG "Tactical" stock set, heat shield

    Good review, thanks!
  4. GirlsLoveGuns2

    New Dust Cover!

    It's honestly a 10 min job, tops. The tricky part is getting the c clip on and off and figuring out how to get tension on the spring... But it's pretty easy for the most part. You'll need needle nose pliers, possibly a pair of tweezers too and a little imagination. :)
  5. GirlsLoveGuns2

    Incredibly Scary Amusement Park Ride

    I had a panic attack thru the whole thing. Lmao! I'm a wuss when it comes to that kinda stuff.
  6. GirlsLoveGuns2

    Incredibly Scary Amusement Park Ride

    Omg, are you kidding me?! There's no way I'd get on that! The technology is amazing though!
  7. GirlsLoveGuns2

    New Dust Cover!

    Right back at ya Nitesite! For future advice to anyone changing the dust cover... Place a piece of duck tape over your forward assist so you don't scratch it up (if you plan on not breaking your rifle down). Also you need to have extra c clips available or make sure you don't lose it in the...
  8. GirlsLoveGuns2

    New Dust Cover!

    The spring didnt*** have tension. Correction.... Damn auto correct. Thank you nite site!
  9. GirlsLoveGuns2

    New Dust Cover!

    Yes they are pink. Lol. It works great... After I took the pic I realized the spring dust have tension so I had to redo it. But I figured it out and installed my husbands and my bosses new covers too! :)
  10. GirlsLoveGuns2

    New Dust Cover!

    So I installed my new ejection port dust cover successfully with my girly tools. I was so excited as I didn't have any help (which isn't that fantastic since its a fairly easy job). Just thought I'd share since Rip commented on my fb post and told me to! Lol. Hopefully I'm in the right forum...
  11. GirlsLoveGuns2

    ^^^TOP SHOT^^^ Season #4

    I haven't been keeping up with this thread but I've watched the show religiously.... I really disliked Greg the whole time and didn't want him to win, however he turned out to be alright. I just felt like he was lucky a lot of the time. I was super excited at the final outcome! :) Sent from...
  12. GirlsLoveGuns2

    RANGE REPORT: Handguns

    Nice shot! We have a hi point .45 and it's really accurate as well. Love the pic, I like it being the only shot on the target.
  13. GirlsLoveGuns2

    pictures that make you lol

    Lmao Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. GirlsLoveGuns2

    You know you're addicted to guns when....

    When you keep spare change in your truck in an old empty Hornady box :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. GirlsLoveGuns2

    For The Ladies Of Mossberg Owners!

    Did I mention I <3 you guys?! Of course LES, I figured I'd have to step up to the plate to help run it. I just don't feel like my creative juices are flowing like normal! I don't know where to start.
  16. GirlsLoveGuns2

    New Toy Today!!!

    Wow! That's really neat... I admit to have never heard of this before now unless I just don't recognize the terminology., lol... But it's pretty awesome! Congrats :)
  17. GirlsLoveGuns2

    For The Ladies Of Mossberg Owners!

    Rossi!! Always thinking about others! :) I think it's a good idea... Not sure there would be much action going on for a while. I'm unsure how many sub forums we would really need or if we should keep it more generalized... The topic title may be sufficient enough to find what we need. I really...
  18. GirlsLoveGuns2


    Good advice, I'll take it! Thanks Lazy :)
  19. GirlsLoveGuns2


    Will do ;) I'm sure he'll be thrilled when I tell him 1,000 guys from MO are wanting a good deal. Lol.
  20. GirlsLoveGuns2


    I know I'm lucky!! :) even more lucky that my boss rocks and is giving me a new Kimber for free! Cannot wait!