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    Coyote Hunting

    Re: Hunting coyotes in Iowa. http://www.iowadnr.gov/portals/idnr/uploads/Hunting/huntingregs.pdf They indicate a restriction of .24 or larger for deer but didn't see anything for other critters. Note, I just skimmed it, I may have missed something. Thanks, I got lost in their book of rules...
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    Hog Hunting

    I do a hog hunt every Feb/Mar in northern Florida and enjoy it a lot. I use A Marlin 336 levergun in 30-30 or in 35 Rem. This year I may try my MMR and use 75 grain Hornady .223 . As the guys said the best shot is right in the ear or aft of there a few inches; they will drop in their tracks. A...
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    Coyote Hunting

    Hunting coyotes in Iowa. What is the legal minimum caliber size for shooting coyotes in Iowa?
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    Anybody got an MMR yet?

    I have an MMR I used for a prairie dog hunt in July. It shoots real good; likes the Hornady brand real well. In general if I could see the dogs thru a pair of 10x50 binos I could blast them. Am looking to try a coyote hunt this winter.
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    Prairie dog shoot in Wy & Mt.

    Just got back from a p/dog shoot near Dayton, Wy. & Dexter, Mt. . My new MMR H is awesome. I used all Hornady ammo and mostly 40 grain. If I could see the dogs with my 10x50 binos the MMR would get them. Overall the hunting was a little slow due to the extreme heat and the dogs just didn't want...
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    Hog Hunting

    Re: Nice boar Did you ask the guys over at Marlinsowners.com about the FTE issue? There are some real wizards there that have helped me a lot.
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    How did you hear about or find MossbergOwners.com??

    I found this site as a result of a specific Google search for Mossberg firearms owners. I have a couple of other interests and I use specific sites for help and advice. The internet is a wonderful place for information even if it has its bad points and seedy areas.
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    Tell Us About Your SCREEN NAME and AVATAR...

    Hello all. I am David Grubb, a new member from Rochester, IL.. I purchased a new MMR Hunter 3 weeks ago for an upcoming prairie dog shoot in WY. & MT. on July 9 & 10. This will be my 2nd year doing this and I find it to be a lot of fun and more challenging than shooting cans off a fence. I am...