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    New owner.. Silver Reserve

    Been out with it 3 times and, as expected, it performed very well. I've got a LONG way to go with my skeet skills, but I'll enjoy the journey. First time was, well, VERY humbling.. :) Hit 3 out of 25. 3rd day I was up to 11. Not a hiccup so far from the gun, so I think this ones a keeper.
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    New owner.. Silver Reserve

    Thanks. That WAS my plan.... :) Heading to the trap range tomorrow morning. Was wondering about the trigger mechanism for future reference, don't think there is any need to do anything with it just yet. Thanks for the video link.
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    New owner.. Silver Reserve

    Just trying out a buddies 12g Silver Reserve to see if I like it. He's had it for some time, and says he never uses it... only put about 20 rnds thru it. I plan on using it for clays.. trap and skeet, mostly skeet. Anything I should think about doing before I shoot it? I did take it to my local...
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    Plinkster bolt dissasembly

    Just curious if anyone has ever seen the need to disassemble the bolt on their plinkster for cleaning. By that I mean taking the firing pin and extractor out. Looks pretty simple... one is held in with a roll pin, and the other by a solid pin. I'm pretty sure there is a spring on the extractor...
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    Hello from Ontario

    Welcome!! Nice to see another Ontario member.
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    Bolt sticking issue

    I have to report that this was successful. Between my son and I, we were able to get to bolt to close successfully over 2 sets of fully charged mags today. I would have tried it a few more times but was in a 3gun and moved onto to other firearms. John A, yes, one would think that this would...
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    Bolt sticking issue

    Ok, final solution to this... I took the mags apart and sanded the top of the follower. Took about .003 off and they work flawlessly now. Bolt closes like it should on a fully charged mag, and mag feeds all 10 so I'm going to call it done. Thanks for all your suggestions.
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    Hello Everyone...

    Welcome from Ontario,Canada
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    Hello, from Ky

    Welcome from Ontario,Canada
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    Hello from Del Rio Texas

    Welcome from Ontario,Canada
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    Bolt sticking issue

    So, mags have been charged for a week and a half. Finally got to the range with it today and it didn't make any difference in the first one jamming on a full 10 count. Not sure I want to clip the mag spring to remove some of the tension as once it's cut, it's cut... can't put it back on. Think...
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    Bolt sticking issue

    Thanks meanstreak. Brian
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    Bolt sticking issue

    I might use it as is, will have to see. I'm not too ocd where everything has to work, but this particular gun was bought with completion in mind... sometimes I need all the rounds I can get. I think I'll just leave it fully charged for a while and see what happens.... maybe that will take some...
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    Bolt sticking issue

    It appears that you are correct in your diagnosis. One loads all the time with a full mag, the other won't. Take one round out and leave a 9 count and it works great. Now, this begs the question... do I leave it and let it break in a bit longer... As I stated earlier, I've only had it a month...
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    Bolt sticking issue

    Hmmm... interesting thought. I've not tried it with less than a full 10 count in the mag. Will try that when I get back out with it. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Bolt sticking issue

    I've had my Plinkster almost a month now, and I'm very impressed with it's accuracy. Put about 400 rnds thru it and so far, not one jam or FTE. One issue that keeps cropping up is the bolt sometimes hangs up when I try to close it after inserting a full magazine. I pull the charging handle out...
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    Howdy from Southern,ON, Canada

    Hi folks, thanks for the add. Yeah, it's ANOTHER Canadian... Recently purchased a Mossberg Plinkster because I needed a cheap gun for indoor 3gun this winter that I wouldn't care if it got a bit banged and scuffed. I have to say, what a pleasant surprise. While it may be cheap in price, it is...