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  1. yz9890

    <POLL> Which BBQ Sauce of these two would you choose based on ingredients?

    High fructose corn syrup is no worse (or better) than any other sugar. That wouldn't change my mind by itself. I like vinegar based BBQ sauces so I'd pick the one with more vinegar.
  2. yz9890

    Cabela's 500

    So does the title of this Cabela's listing lead you to think they sell Mossberg Classic shotguns (50126)? I chatted with them online and called about it and both people I spoke to thought I was confused. I tried to explain that both options available under the listing were All-Purpose models but...
  3. yz9890

    Have you guys found quality 00 buckshot for less than this ?

    I usually just search it on GunBot and pick whoever has it cheaper at the time. Thankfully I don't need much of it. I shoot 10-15 shells of the number 1 buck and 10-15 of the TruBall a year. Shoot the cheap stuff like in the original post the rest of the time.
  4. yz9890

    Have you guys found quality 00 buckshot for less than this ?

    That's what I use as well. Thankfully it's not difficult to find any longer. https://www.ammunitiondepot.com/951-federal-premium-12-ga-2-3-4-15-pellet-flitecontrol-1-buck-shot.html
  5. yz9890

    Have you guys found quality 00 buckshot for less than this ?

    Roll crimped vs folded shells usually means on less shell in the magazine for me due to the extra length. My 590 will take 8 folded shells but usually only 7 roll crimped ones. Not sure about other shotgun models. Not a big deal at the range but when at home in the cabinet, I want it loaded with...
  6. yz9890

    Ordered the 590, but think I should have bought the 590A1

    I have a 20" 590A1 and it's a heavy pig. The weight doesn't bother me though since it's an HD gun. The extra 1.5" barrel is also not an issue for me. I haven't noticed any issues swinging it in the halls of my house when compared to my 18.5" shotgun. I don't need a bayonet lug or a heavy barrel...
  7. yz9890

    canted bead sight

    Sometimes I forget how thick that A1 barrel really is. I have the same issue with a CZ shotgun i just bought. Wish I would've gone over it better when I picked it up. Warranty work is a pain.
  8. yz9890

    Dems introduce bill

    Cicilline's generalization is enormous. The Nazi's also sang Happy Birthday to their children. Does than mean that everyone that that sings that song somehow shares Nazi ideology? His idea that a battlefield rifle is somehow not what the 2A is referring to needs to be refuted and crammed down...
  9. yz9890

    Dems introduce bill

    I agree. 2/3 congress and 3/4 states isn't going to happen. What I mean to say is that when the object of a bill is absolutely to infringe upon a constitutional protected right, they should be made to deal directly with the specific amendment rather than rewriting Webster's dictionary. If they...
  10. yz9890

    Dems introduce bill

    The empty suit that proposed the bill said he wants to get guns that are specifically designed to efficiently kill people out of the hands of the general public. What does he think the 2nd Amendment is about? If the amendment is in place to protect a person's ability to protect himself and fight...