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    Cast Bullets

    Nitesite said most of what I know about cast bullets. One other thing I would suggest is don't seat the base of the bullet below the case neck/shoulder and into the body of the case. From what I have read this causes more bullet erosion, leading, and poorer accuracy. I also try to limit mine...
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    Mossberg 464 Lever Action Photo Gallery

    Re: New 464 in SS That is not nice using my picture as a target.
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    Mossberg 464 vs Marlin 336 Lever Action

    I don't like how scopes mount on the Win 94. Unless you get an angle eject model you are pretty much stuck with iron sights. As for the 464 vs. 336, I choose the Marlin. When comparing the two at Academy Sports, the Marlin seemed smoother out of the box and the fit/finish was a little better.
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    464 in 6.8 SPC?

    The other problem you would run into with a 464 in 6.8 would be the pointed bullets in the tubular magazine.
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    464 in 6.8 SPC?

    It would be expensive but you could buy a 464 and have it rebarreled to 6.8.
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    464 in 6.8 SPC?

    I have killed two hogs with 6.8 spc using 110 grain accubonds over a 1/2 grain under max. charge of IMR-3031. My hunting buddy used the same load to kill a spike and a 10-pointer this year. 6.8 is a good hunting round. We are going to switch to Barnes 110 triple shocks next season.
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    Trigger job?

    How easy would it be to do a trigger job on the Maverick Rifle? Would it void the warranty? I have shot about 100 rounds through my .30-06 and I am thinking it could use some trigger work.
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    final round pops out of mag

    I just bought a Maverick Rifle in .30-06. Going to use it as a pig gun mostly but I have noticed that the final round in the magazine will pop out as I completely draw back the bolt. Any fixes that you guys know will work? Should I just contact Mossberg about this issue? Love the rifle and...