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  1. Komodoj

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving.
  2. Komodoj

    Wanting to do some work to an old pump

    Runs like a sewing machine. FYI This is a registered Pre May as I’m a FFL/SOT. So nothing illegal here. All is legitimate. https://youtube.com/shorts/RYVp_wWNwjM?feature=share
  3. Komodoj

    Wanting to do some work to an old pump

    John, I’m gonna hijack your thread. I read the word “Change” many times in this thread. Here’s my change. This was a Madsen m50. Hated the stock to this is my Frankenstein.
  4. Komodoj

    Hello from a new Mossberg owner!

    Welcome from Florida.
  5. Komodoj

    If you check this forum every couple days, please let me know

    I try to but between work, work, my other work job, family, and did I mention Work? I do love this forum though and it’s members. Keep on keeping on!!! God bless you all fine folks!
  6. Komodoj

    Greetings from So. Texas

    Welcome from Florida.
  7. Komodoj

    How do I delete my account?

    You’ll never own a Mossberg again?
  8. Komodoj

    Hello From Massachusetts

    Welcome from Florida.
  9. Komodoj

    Ammo available in your area.

    I just hired this lady!!! lol https://media1.giphy.com/media/3o6nV0p1WvG09RyDCg/giphy.gif
  10. Komodoj

    Black powder

    Thank you for the link.
  11. Komodoj

    Black powder

    Anyone have any leads on any Black powder for sale. Not looking for a substitute. Looking for Goex 2f or so. Thank you.
  12. Komodoj

    Got a Smiff and Western 642 today, but sad to get it...

    sorry for your loss!
  13. Komodoj

    Maverick 88 Cracked Ejection port

    Thank you John. We both (James and I or is it I and James) just lost a true friend last week!! We live in a small town and our buddy Mark passed away last week. Mark was the first “Real” gunsmith/SOT in our town. A people person. 52 years old. To young. We miss him dearly. Sorry for the plug on...
  14. Komodoj

    Maverick 88 Cracked Ejection port

    She’s done and functioned checked!!! Shout out to James at 4j Laser Engraving in Homosassa Fl!! He is very Meticulous when he Cerakotes. Sorry for the shameless plug, he’s a veteran and a good friend. This one is in semi Gloss Graphite black at looks perfect!! Couldn’t be happier. Haven’t...
  15. Komodoj

    Hello from Colorado!

    Welcome from Flerida
  16. Komodoj

    Hello from Kentucky

    Welcome from Flerida!
  17. Komodoj

    New AGAIN!

    Your addicted!! Lmao.
  18. Komodoj

    New AGAIN!

    I’ve gotten away from rifle caliber stuff. Just isn’t “Fun” especially in FA. Don’t get me wrong. A mag dump rifle caliber is fun once and a while but nothing. Absolutely nothing beats this! Yes it’s an approved form 4! https://youtube.com/shorts/1bUHF3zGx_4?feature=share
  19. Komodoj

    New AGAIN!

    Noveske build. Very nice!!! $$$$$$