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  1. cockedNlocked

    AR-15 and Variants

    Re: AR Photo Thread You are 100% correct
  2. cockedNlocked

    AR-15 and Variants

    Re: My SCAR is in Sick man, what the hell do you do for a living that you get some many guns. You seriouls post a new gun almost every day lol.
  3. cockedNlocked

    AR-15 and Variants

    Re: ACR ACOG How much would you be looking to sell the ACR for very interested in getting one
  4. cockedNlocked

    AR-15 and Variants

    Re: Bushmaster ACR What ammo did you put through her? Also what range do you go to I'm looking for a place to shoot since nys. Ranges suck, such as one round at a time and other bull sh*t
  5. cockedNlocked

    Ammunition stock pile

    I love pics of ammo lol 2009 Federal (LC NATO) XM193 5.56x45 150 2009 Federal (LC NATO) M855 5.56x45 50 2009 SADU SS109 5.56x45 300 2009 Wolf Rem .223 30 2009 Federal Value Pack Rem .223 500 2009 Winchester Silver Tip...
  6. cockedNlocked

    AR-15 and Variants

    Re: AR Photo Thread
  7. cockedNlocked

    What do you carry on a daily basis?

    Empty Those pockets Hey guys had a cool idea, Empty your pockets and take a pic and list what you carry on EDC.... I will start!! HK P30 (in dasantis Pro Stealth IWB holster) Spyderco Para-Military 2 Leatherman Monarch 300 Flashlight Wallet Car Keys Work/house keys Blackberry
  8. cockedNlocked

    Rifle Collections/ Group Photos

    Re: Just a small group pic, some new Nice way to spend 20 grand lol Joking beautiful collection wish i had the cash to make one just like it!!
  9. cockedNlocked

    AR-15 and Variants

    Re: Bushmaster ACR I offically hate you lol, i have my eye on a ACR when i can figure out where i can steal 2400 dollars from lol. I love my piston ar, she will have to do until i get some nice cash.
  10. cockedNlocked

    AR-15 and Variants

    Re: New Lewis Machine M4 setup Nice rifle, wish i was in a state where i could legally own pmags they are gods gift to the ar world
  11. cockedNlocked

    M1a / Socom 16 / EBR

    Re: Oh my I love M1A beautiful rifle, one of them is on my list of things to go broke from buying lol!!
  12. cockedNlocked

    Zero Tolerance

    Beautiful knife, a little heavy for my likings lol but great product, nice to see they make it so lefties like me can switch the pocket clip
  13. cockedNlocked

    Kershaw OCC Spider

    I love the lightness and assisted opening of the leeks just I gave up on kershaw because they refuse to make a lefty or even a ambi model knife
  14. cockedNlocked


    Nice Dan now i need to bring over mine so you can take pics cause my pics suck
  15. cockedNlocked

    KRISS Vector

    They are so sick i almost had a chance to shoot on in CT my friends best friend has his class 3 license and he had one on loan from his friend from Vegas.
  16. cockedNlocked

    My NY Compliant AK47 Build...

    a nice Red dot will be nice man with that cool mount
  17. cockedNlocked


    Re: Any Ruger fans out there? i was looking at a nice OD green and black Ruger SR9 that i may pick up the price we right and i would like another handgun
  18. cockedNlocked

    What Pistol Do You Carry?

    Re: What Do You Carry? HK P30 9mm but not with light and in a Blackhawk Serpa holster
  19. cockedNlocked

    What's the SEXIEST PISTOL You've Ever Seen?

    My all time favorite 1911 (Wilson Combat)
  20. cockedNlocked


    Sick glocks guys def see either a 19 or 23 in my future or i may try out a 31 cause i want to try the Sig 357