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  1. Misr2

    cheek rest woes

    I got one that fastens around the stock gives me a little ammo holder... I had to mess with the foam in the comb riser to get it where I liked it but it didn't take much. And it was cheap so if I didn't like it no harm no foul. I think it was an Amazon special for like 12 bucks. Sent from my...
  2. Misr2

    Synthetic stiffening.

    Update! So I took it out today finally a quiet day with just me and my patriot. I put two boxes through it and I can say that I pulled a few and I pushed a few... Trigger control and cheek placement and hand position and all that but for the few that I managed to get myself under control...
  3. Misr2

    pictures that make you lol

    Local gun shop photo... Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  4. Misr2

    Synthetic stiffening.

    I like how you called my jbweld "bedding material". It makes me feel like I did something not half-assed. Haha. Yeah I think the gap I left around the recoil lug is my flex point now. I'm thinking about bedding the lug and the large gap under the back. (In the pic you can see how it's just an...
  5. Misr2

    Synthetic stiffening.

    Yeah I agree a Boyd will be better but what I've done is cheap easy and better than where I started. I don't think I could have bought a better stock for 20 dollars... Lol. I still have the option of a new stock so no harm no foul filling this thing in. Worst case scenario I have to buy a Boyd...
  6. Misr2

    Synthetic stiffening.

    Well the stock on mine when I first got it would eaisly touch both sides of the channel when doing that. Now that I've added the epoxy to the forend it still does but I have to really flex it against the bipod to get it to touch. And I wasn't really going for a Viagra commercial but if it gets...
  7. Misr2

    Synthetic stiffening.

    I got a patriot kryptek stocked 308. I live it out the box. I did add a 6-18x44 vortex a bipod and a comb riser within the first week but that's neither here nor there and I'll post pics. I liked it but after about 3 boxes of ammo by myself I could feel it in my shoulder. That and I wasn't...