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  1. Major Dad

    Mav 88 “torture test” video

    No shocker to me. My Mav 88 20 gauge is the best $200 firearm investment I've ever made. Though I've not done the 500 round, 90 minute torture test, I have put way more than 500 rounds through my little Mav and she's still standing tall. She handles birdshot, buckshot and slugs with equal ease...
  2. Major Dad

    Shot my new Maverick 88 today

    Congratulations, Pepi. I share your feelings. I bought a new 20 gauge 88 four years ago and never once regretted it. Operates flawlessly every time. I've shot probably 1000 rounds thru it; mostly birdshot, but some buckshot, too. I'm not sure I'd want to experience 30 rounds of buckshot, tho...
  3. Major Dad

    Maverick 88 problems

    Welcome, Mr T G. I'm afraid I'm not much help. either. I've never heard of a problem such as this. I bought my Mav 88 four years ago and have put close to 1000 rounds through it. Never a hiccup with any brand of ammo. Did you buy your Mav new? Perhaps Mossberg could be of some technical help...
  4. Major Dad

    Newbie Question: Bottom of Front Bead Sight Screw Exposed and Barrel Scratches/Rust

    I dunno, Weezy. This sure does not look like a new shotgun, even though I see the butt stock has the "Maverick" sticker on it. Like Bobster said above, yours could be a "refurb". As regards the "Maverick" sticker, new butt stocks can be had on E-Bay, mounted on a used firearm and then passed off...
  5. Major Dad

    No dowel with 20" 7+1 model?

    Hi, Weezy. That's strange. My 22" 20 gauge Mav had one. I thought all shotguns came with a wooden dowel. I'm curious to see comment from other members.
  6. Major Dad

    Where do you guys buy your Ammo?

    I decided to try Target Sports USA a couple weeks ago and was very pleased. I needed 20 gauge buckshot and they had Remington Express for $149.99/case shipped. Can't beat that with a big stick. They shipped from CT, so I escaped the FL sales tax, too. I was just pleased to find that they had it...
  7. Major Dad

    Where do you guys buy your Ammo?

    Myself, I usually buy from Cabela's using my Cabela's Bucks. I've spent less than $2.00 (two) dollars with them in the last 18 months. If I watch daily I have found 10% off specials, free shipping with no minimum purchase, plus always a 5% discount for Veterans. But here in Florida there's no...
  8. Major Dad

    Shotgun tool?

    Pretty nifty indeed, Jorge! Also, if you buy additional chokes you usually get a wrench with it. At least the Carlson chokes I've bought came with a wrench.
  9. Major Dad

    New 88 20 ga.

    Hi, Schotz. I have a Mav 88 like yours and I also remove and clean the choke after every outing. It screws out easy enough with the wrench and oftentimes I can remove it by hand after shooting. I find a bit of bore cleaner on the barrel and tube threads along with an old toothbrush works just...
  10. Major Dad

    Maverick 20 gauge

    Well, Dave, like they say in baseball: "Wait 'til next season." Not sure what state you live in, but many states have spring and fall turkey seasons. Rabbits should be good exercise for your Mav, right? :)
  11. Major Dad

    problem or just normal?

    Hi Boomer. I think the thorough cleaning was the best single thing you could have done. It's been my lifelong practice to at least field strip and thoroughly clean every weapon I buy. I recently bought a Mav 88 20 gauge Youth Model for Wifey and home defense. When I brought it home and toyed...
  12. Major Dad

    HO ~ LEE ~ CRAP ----- 12-GA 00 BUCK S&B for $1.60 per box.

    Thanx for the tip, NiteSite! They currently don't have in stock exactly what I need, but I signed up for notifications and set up an account. -Ed-
  13. Major Dad

    Maverick 20 gauge

    Smart shopper you are, Dave, and congratulations! I have the identical weapon to yours and I really like it. I know you'll enjoy yours, too. Got mine for the same price as you thru Davidson's Gallery of Guns at a local pawn shop of all places. Shipping and FFL transfer fees added $9.99, plus the...
  14. Major Dad

    New Guy With New Mav 88

    Thanx, Meanstreak. The regular price is $16.95/hr here at the Shoot Center in Cape Coral FL. Other local ranges are somewhat higher. As regards shotguns, they only allow buckshot and slugs. No game loads. The Florida Wildlife Commission operates a public range just north of here in Punta Gorda...
  15. Major Dad

    Tactical Shotgun Training

    Probably so, WM. Just wanted to share some info in case he was still looking. :read: -Ed-
  16. Major Dad

    Employment in private security (long)

    Yeah, looks like it CaddmannQ. I was just curious as I wander around the Mossberg forum. I had something to share if he was still in the market for that line of work. -Ed-
  17. Major Dad

    Tactical Shotgun Training

    Hi again, Mike. I did some checking and I found this NRA link to shotgun training in Florida. Hope this helps if you haven't already found a place. http://www.nrainstructors.org/SearchResults.aspx?State=y&SearchState=FL&id=3&bsa=&youth=&women= -Ed-
  18. Major Dad

    Employment in private security (long)

    Chris, whatever became of your search for security guard employment? I know this thread is five years old, but I'm new here and still looking around at various forums, threads, etc. Just curious.
  19. Major Dad

    Tactical Shotgun Training

    Mike, did you ever find a shotgun course in Florida? I'm interested, too. Thanx!
  20. Major Dad

    How to Read Shotgun Shell Boxes...by Jeff Johnston

    Thanx and a hat tip to both Kevin and John. I've had all this info explained to me in bits and pieces over the years, but this thread pulls it all together in concise detail. I thought since I'm now a shotgun owner and also a shotgun ammo shopper I'd do well to know all this great stuff. Great...