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    How to install a Picatinny bipod to a MVP LC

    Pardon me if you think my question is too ignorant.......:sofa:
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    How to install a Picatinny bipod to a MVP LC

    I am fairly new to firearms, and I have recently bought a MVP LC combo which comes with a Cladwell bipod on the sling stud. Last week my friend gave me a Magpul Picatinny bipod as present, and I have problem finding a way to install it. I know there is a two-slot sling stud pica adapter on...
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    MVP LC combo scope ring

    I find the scope ring that came with my MVP LC was too low, causing me unable to see through the scope like I do with my other rifles. I think it was because of the design of the Magpul tactical stock, the cheek rest part is higher than conventional wood stock. I am thinking of adding a set of...
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    Mossberg MVP LC trigger problem

    I concur it is not smooth, sometimes unpredictable.
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    My MVP LC came with a Magpul stock, I saw in the intro video someone said the cheek rest is adjustable? I have tried fiddling the cheek rest, but I don't think it's height is adjustable. Am I right or is there a secret button I have missed?
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    Mossberg MVP Bolt Action Accessories

    Hi, I have just received my MVP LC, but my bundled sling-stud bipod that came with it is rather clumsy and bulky. I am thinking of changing it to MLOK foldable two pcs bipod, any accessories I should install so that I can attach MLOK bipod to it? doing so I can free the stud and put a sling...
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    Hi...message from Vancouver of Canada

    Thank you Sir...:rolleye:
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    Hi...message from Vancouver of Canada

    Problem was it was firearm sent to me via post office, and even post office lost track of it for nearly 20 days.......that worried me.....I am good now...... The firearm sales that sold me the rife was surprised to know it took that long too. But he assured me similar things had happened...
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    Hi...message from Vancouver of Canada

    Holy molly guys, you know what? I ordered the rifle on Aug 7, dispatched by store Aug 9, and only TODAY I received it!!!! It somehow got lost by the Post Office...took me 4 calls with Post Office customer service agents and 1 call with the Supervisor, and raised 3 service tickets and 3 calls to...
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    Hi...message from Vancouver of Canada

    Thanks guys. I have just received message from the post office telling me something is on the way for me.....I think it's the mossy, still 10 days to go. I am also expecting a repaired rem VTR rifle, and has been 11 days already since it was shipped, and still waiting......Luckily we do not...
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    I thought I'll show off my New Precsion Rifle

    I have mail ordered the same rife...another week before it can arrive. Yours looks VERY NICE!!!
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    Hi...message from Vancouver of Canada

    I have mail ordered a MVP LC 223. Waiting for it, hope it is good........after seeing some complaints here..... finger crossed........