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  1. Bobster

    New guy with a new Shockwave!

    We expect a full range report! ;)
  2. Bobster

    I'm going out to shoot my A H Fox Sterlingworth (Philadelphia made) with paper hull ammo

    I wonder if those hulls would burn up if loaded with "Dragon's Breath"? :eek: I'm not saying you would EVER shoot DB out of any of your guns, I'm just curious if the paper would catch fire. :D Guess I'll look up Taeflerdermous on gootoob and see if they've done anything like that...
  3. Bobster

    pictures that make you lol

    Came across these doing an unrelated search and just had to share... :) The story is the Captain (Admiral?) of this ship gave up his quarters to Nancy Sinatra while she entertained troops in Viet Nam. :)
  4. Bobster

    I'm going out to shoot my A H Fox Sterlingworth (Philadelphia made) with paper hull ammo

    I'm picturing you dressed like these guys... :D They are in a club: www.vintagers.org
  5. Bobster

    Good morning

    The short and only answer is "no". Alternately, the #26 is considerably beefier and is a low-cost option to help keep your hands cool. Plus it will take the same consumables your 17 does. I have one that came with my TIG that I keep as a backup. When going to a #20 you're going to need to get...
  6. Bobster

    JM Pro No Bang

    I was thinking this same thing too. Maybe the chamber is a little "tight"? I've known people to "polish" the chamber with good results.
  7. Bobster

    Good morning

    I KNOW I've advised you on this. :rolleyes: Do a search of relative terms and the posts will come up. In a nutshell: generally, you use the amps in thousandths", ie: to TIG weld 1/8" (.125") you will set the machine at 125A. Al settings will be higher than Fe. They make handydandy charts to...
  8. Bobster

    Lawful Gun Owners Aren’t Driving Criminal Gun Violence

    The police's most efficient case-closing tool is when a potential victim has a backhoe. :D (5-0 pulls up in the cruiser) "Excuse me sir, we had reports of shots fired from this area." "No officer, it was just the backhoe backfiring when I started it up." (finishes filling in hole) ;)
  9. Bobster

    Mossberg 500E home security

    Depends on if you're looking to rent or buy a trailer... ;)
  10. Bobster

    Model 510 hard to load

    That is the new Bidet AFT-approved round-limiter for Dumpocraps... You must have got one by mistake! ;)
  11. Bobster

    Shotgun Parts

    What a lot of people will do is buy a gun cheap and part it out. Often times, they are worth more as parts, especially barrels lately. Usually what is leftover is the receiver, and they might call it a "take off" when more specifically, parts are taken off of IT. ;) A bare or loaded receiver...
  12. Bobster

    Lawful Gun Owners Aren’t Driving Criminal Gun Violence

    It is a little more complicated than that, at least in my neck of the woods (Volusia Co., FL "Daytona"). In my case/district, it is because school board members are majority Dumpocrap, as are most teachers. With the MSD shooting, Cunt Scott knee-jerked a lot of onerous legislation in. But some...
  13. Bobster

    930 Tactical non-choke to choke question

    I just came across this: https://mossbergowners.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-no-solder-ghost-ring-sight-conversion.12700/#post-301334 Maybe Joker would share his source if you ask him nicely? ;)
  14. Bobster

    930 Tactical non-choke to choke question

    There are some here who have done what you wish to do. I believe they had to send the barrel out to be threaded as the jig/tap to do it is prohibitively expensive. Someone will probably get back with more info than I have. BTW, Welcome Aboard! :)
  15. Bobster

    Federal Shorty Rifled Slugs - loose slug?

    I think the forum format attracts more "seasoned" users who have made it this far by being "safe". So when their safety discipline is questioned, their "feelz" might get a little hurt. :) But of course there are "new" shooters both young and old, and we can't have any of them dying off on us...
  16. Bobster

    *Not* A Mossberg

    My SIL got one in her garage because she had a habit of leaving the door open during the day. (they had a generator walk off because of that :rolleyes:) She was doing laundry one day and saw the tail sticking out from under her car! :eek: She called police and they "got a guy" that "relocates"...
  17. Bobster

    Federal Shorty Rifled Slugs - loose slug?

    You WERE going to run some to see how they functioned, correct? :) If it were me I would use the "loose" ones to test. Load one and fire and see if all goes well--I think it will. Then do a mag dump and see how it goes. Or not... With the scarcity of shorty slugs, maybe one is enough? ;) The...
  18. Bobster

    Mossberg 930 Breacher Barrel - Barrel Bead Misaligned

    I recall several years back there was a run of 930s or 590s (and maybe other Mossys) that had front sight alignment problems. I think resolution involved sending the gun back to Mossy, and even then results were not satisfactory. But don't quote me on this--my memory isn't as good as it used to...
  19. Bobster

    JM Pro No Bang

    OR3GUN is/was a sponsor here. Last I heard, they were still in business but maybe a little lax in replying for whatever reason such as busy, busy. I suggest you drop them a line to see what's up with your setup. Additionally, I would try putting the old parts back in to see if the gun runs...