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    Kansas Fox Squirrel

    Nice pics! I seen my first one a couple years ago while in Kansas coyote hunting. We were watching a 300 yard field and about half way down I saw what I'd thought was a groundhog come out of the tree line. Well as a PA boy when the guide tried to tell me that was a squirrel I told him he nut's...

    Kansas Fox Squirrel

    I noticed the way the Fox squirrel moves too compared to the greys we have. Much more lazy and slow, not zipping all around like the little guys do.

    Kansas Fox Squirrel

    Back in January me and a buddy went to Kansas on a coyote hunt. I've been to this place before and knew they had these huge (to me) fox squirrels running around if it gets warm enough. Here in PA we mainly just have little grey squirrel and I never seen anything like these fox squirrels before...

    Stock LOP - cutting polymer

    I cut 9/16'' off my 935 stock then used my lathe and turned half the threads out of the nut and then I made a shorter spacer after I cut the spring tube. Not very hard to do but having a lathe helps. http://mossbergowners.com/forum/index.php?threads/shortened-the-935-stock-tonight.17660/

    Firearm Photo Gallery

    Not sure if I posted these before. This is Reaper This is Sleeper These are the two full boogie 10/22 style rifles I have built for myself. I have taken pocket gophers in Montana out to 218 yards with them. This is the one that started it all. I bought it right out of high school in 1991...

    Lets see some bayonets

    Yeah, in 1987 they started and the military didn't like the gen1 markings so they made my gen2, then a 3rd and 4th gen the same year. The 4th gens were made till Phrobus lost the contract so they are the ones you see most times. Other then the stampings the Phrobus bayonets are the same.

    Lets see some bayonets

    Since I have all the Vietnam contracted M7 bayonets I decided I needed a M9. This is my Gen2 Phrobis lll

    935 vs 835 recoil?

    I have always owned semi shotguns and only tried to shot pumps a few times over the years and they always feel like being kicked by a mule to me. My 935 shoots very soft to me and I would probably pass on shooting a 835 in my old age now...lol

    Firearm Photo Gallery

    Thanks, I wasn't happy with the reproduction rear sight I had so I didn't have it installed in those pictures. I have since found real USGI sight and it is on.
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    Firearm Photo Gallery

    Once I collected all makes of the Vietnam era M7 bayonet I decided I needed a M16A1 to go with them.
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    Lets see some bayonets

    Very nice! That looks like a fine Conetta and a wide stamped P W H scabbard.
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    935 waterfowl upgrade

    Wow! I can't believe they just did all that for free. My waterfowl pro costs a good bit more then the waterfowl.
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    930-935 parts and mod

    So it sounds like your basically wanting to build a Pro series water Fowl edition like I have. http://www.mossberg.com/product/935-magnum-pro-series-waterfowl-82042/ The Pro series water fowl has all the pro series and the water fowl internals from the factory. SS springs and Nitride parts.
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    My problem wasn't the fact that it was plastic, it was the fact that it was thin and could get cocked in the bore and drag. If it was longer then it is across it would be fine IMO. That's the only reason I bought an aluminum follower.
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    935 Forestock Creak, Improper Fit

    They say that no news is good news but any updates?
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    Are these people nuckin' futz?

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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    AR15 and variants Part 2

    I love those Odin mag extensions, I have a shortened trigger finger and they are a life saver.
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    AR15 and variants Part 2

    It's the Crossfire ll Hog Hunter 3-12 x 56mm
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    AR15 and variants Part 2

    My new upper worked very well for me. I love that Vortex scope! 220 yards, one shot!
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    The Walking Dead... (SPOILERS INSIDE!)

    I seen a picture online from when Rick first fought that junkyard zombie. He was standing on the pile of junk I think before he got thrown down into the fighting pit. If you looked over his right shoulder (our left) There was a helicopter landing pad, you now with the big H on it, in the back of...