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  1. saleen322

    My 44US

    It has been a long time but I think I was all in at about $100 give or take. I was a gun smith years ago and had a few things around and the rest I found.
  2. saleen322

    My 44US

    Yes. There was at least the Mossbergs, 513 Remington, H&R M12 (I think), Kimber 82 Government, Remington 40X, and probably more were 22s used by the military for various training missions. Most were used by the Army.
  3. saleen322

    My 44US

    Our $30 M44 and some 50 yd targets.
  4. saleen322

    My 44US

    I got ours from CMP as a barreled action missing parts for $30. Believe it or not back then I hesitated to get it as it may not be worth it. Well times changed and the $30 and parts hunt was worth it.
  5. saleen322

    Old .22s

    Our 46B. It is still a shooter.
  6. saleen322

    Old .22s

    Welcome. I have had too many Mossberg 22s come and go. I sold some I wish I had kept because we were moving and I ran out of storage space. We currently have a 44US, a 46B, and a 146B. They are all good shooters.
  7. saleen322

    The Shaman of DC

    My biggest take away so far is the push back from other "journalists." Fox just showed the videos and allowed the viewers to decide for themselves. Now you hear all the other networks saying how the videos were cherry picked. What people should be concerned with is all of the people held without...
  8. saleen322

    Show Us your Bike

    I used to restore motorcycles that interested me. Here are 2 we still have.
  9. saleen322

    Mossberg 810 Picatinny Rail

    I still can't quite envision the issue. The 2 closest rifles are 810s and the rest are 800s (or contract 800s). As you can see, they all have scopes mounted.
  10. saleen322

    Questions re: Mossy/Western Auto Revelations .308

    As others have said, the rifle is an 800 Mossberg. Those rifles are quality made and use 6 locking lugs. Richards sell wood and laminated stocks and are top rate. I checked their website and they show a brown on brown laminate for an 8000A Mossberg in the bargain bin which I am guessing is a...
  11. saleen322

    Mossberg 810 Picatinny Rail

    I have a Mossberg 810. I am trying to envision why the distance between mounts is too short. I think they came with Weaver #11 but I am not positive. I know I had no problems with mounting the scope.
  12. saleen322

    Spiegel Model 42M

    Most of those shoot very well. We have a US 44, a 46, and a 146 and all are very accurate. Congratulations!
  13. saleen322

    Winchester Model 100 Semiautomatic Rifle in 308 Win

    Not a Mossberg but I hope you find this interesting. We happened into a model 100 Winchester in 308 for a shotgun trade. Now I had heard of the 100s but never shot one before and the last 308 (7.62 NATO) autoloader I shot was a M-14 in the Marine Corps. The previous owner said it had been a...
  14. saleen322

    New to reloading. Real world advice?

    I have been loading for about 50 years. Currently we have dies to do over 80 different cartridges. I highly recommend a strong, cast iron, O-frame press as it maintains tolerances very well. RCBS Rockchucker, Lyman Orange Crusher, etc are all very good. Some 20 years ago I started keeping load...
  15. saleen322

    .308 Winchester powder question

    IMR-3031, 168 BTHP averages 0.7" 5-shot groups @ 100 yards across three rifles. If you want to go to 180 or heavier bullets, you can then look at IMR-4064 or Varget as they are slower than 3031.
  16. saleen322

    6.5 creedmoor 25-06 .243???

    The 6.5 CM is great for longer distances but for 200 yards and in, it is hard to beat a 243 Win.
  17. saleen322

    New Haven 600 vs Mossberg 500

    According to my book, a New Haven 600AT crosses over to a Mossberg 500A, 600C to 500C and 600E to 500E. Hope that helps.
  18. saleen322

    800 CM Mannlicher..Sort of..

    Thanks Don. I really like these older Mossberg 800s and 810s.
  19. saleen322

    Henry Big Boy 327 Federal Magnum

    Since I posted this I got a 132 grain gas check bullet mold. It is working so well that I am using it almost exclusively. Works well in the handguns and rifle. It gives the 327 good sectional density numbers so that you have superior penetration up through medium size game or for self defense...
  20. saleen322

    Net Neutrality!!!!!!

    I live in a VERY rural area; no comcast, no Xfinity, no Time Warner, etc, etc, no cable period and will never see it. My internet went from dial up to satellite to finally DSL. I don't think it had anything to do with government getting out of the internet business but my service continues to...