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  1. pepi

    Barrel swap?

    Mossberg Maverick 88 is what I would get. I've got the Security model and it works just as smooth as my 590 or my old 500
  2. pepi

    New 590S

    This would be cool but I think in the future you may have to 'make your own'
  3. pepi

    Heat shield

    I've got my 88 hot as he|| and this one holds up fine. https://www.sladestreettactical.com/fits-maverick-88-heat-shield-tactical-shotgun-barrel-shroud/
  4. pepi

    Differences Between Maverick 88 and Mossberg 500?

    My new 88 is so much smoother than my Shockwave? My old 1984 500 is the smoothest of all my Mosseys
  5. pepi

    can't pull pump back to eject expended shell.

    My new Maverick had some issues with shells getting stuck after being fired. I called Mossberg and they sent me a shell lock and the other lever. Fixed my problem. The ones that came with the gun looked twisted?
  6. pepi

    Shot my new Maverick 88 today

    I haven't ordered the Limbsaver yet. Been shooting low brass and it doesn't hurt. Mine is the 20 inch barrel
  7. pepi

    Shockwave Raptor F1 Forend

    Looks pretty cool IMO. I did the Magplug mod and it was a PITA really. I did the cutout on each end so the forend would not go over the receiver.
  8. pepi

    Adjusting the trigger stop screw

    It affects the trigger travel. You can take a lot of travel out with this screw, even to the point where the trigger will fire
  9. pepi

    Adjusting the trigger stop screw

    How many of you guys have messed with the trigger stop set screw in your Mossy's? You can really lighten up the trigger with this screw BUT I'm afraid you may cause problems with premature ejaculation :laugh:
  10. pepi

    Dreaded stiff safety.....

    I think I like the safety on my Maverick better than my 500 and 590 :wow:
  11. pepi

    Shot my new Maverick 88 today

    I may try the trigger job. Looks easy with the wooden tool. I'm just wondering about a 3 lb trigger on a shotgun? Worth a try though
  12. pepi

    Shot my new Maverick 88 today

    I know that. I meant the Blackhawk would make my 88 looks like a combat gun. Blackhawk stocks are AR15 type. I'm ordering the one your posted for min
  13. pepi

    Shot my new Maverick 88 today

    Thanks for the link! I've got an older Blackhawk Gen 1 sitting here but I want to keep this gun a 'SHOTGUN' and not a combat-looking weapon. I've got a Blackhawk on my 500 and you can shoot high brass all day without any pain
  14. pepi

    Bidens Blunders

    Probably Obozo and the Clintons. Then you got people pulling strings on the Squad to cause more division in our country.
  15. pepi

    Shot my new Maverick 88 today

    What a nice gun for the price. Shot 30 rounds and not one failure. I will say, the high brass buckshot put a bruise on my shoulder. Pretty light gun
  16. pepi

    Ticked off ...

    1e on first page
  17. pepi

    Differences Between Maverick 88 and Mossberg 500?

    I've got a 1986 500 and it has the plastic trigger assy. No big deal IMHO. Just bought a new 88 Security model and it is just as nice as my old 500. It is also smoother than my Shockwave :angry:
  18. pepi

    Ticked off ...

    Went to my doctor 4 days ago, they are checking me for autoimmune disease. They had me do a urine sample and blood draw. I was just looking at my tests on Labcorp and I tested positive for Cannabinoid (POT) :angry:(A FORKING drug test?) I don't smoke or do Cannabis! I do take CBD oil and my...
  19. pepi

    1985 Mossberg 500 compared to today's 590

    I put the inners of my old 500 in my Shockwave and still have this issue. It appears that the ejector riding in the bolt slot is the hanging point. I noticed that Mossberg has made the groove in the newer bolt beveled compared to my older 500 bolt. Number 25 in the diagram I think is the...