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  1. rjpoog1989

    Trying to save a buck

    You guys sure do pay a lot for electric. My bill is generally between $110 and $150 per month. We have the WiFi meters that actually read every month vs estimates.
  2. rjpoog1989

    Dealing with the Anti Gun Crowd...

    Sorry, had to cut my post short so I could be a parent and bath the baby. But the other thing with this generation. How can parents teach kids to value family, faith, and life; when they themselves don’t. I’d like to say the generation or generations have never seen adversity or hard times...
  3. rjpoog1989

    Dealing with the Anti Gun Crowd...

    I don’t know if entitlements is really it. It’s more to me that this generation barely lives in the real world. They live in some kind of fantasy land. Like Bill Whittle said, kids used to grow up with BB guns and were taught to respect them. Even kids with liberal parents had a BB gun. Now...
  4. rjpoog1989

    Dealing with the Anti Gun Crowd...

    That Video might be the best thing I’ve ever seen on the subject. I appreciate you posting it. I think the best part is when he says “what makes you think that’s not your responsibility?” I know for sure when I’m out and about I’m very aware of anything that might be a threat.
  5. rjpoog1989

    Dealing with the Anti Gun Crowd...

    It is absolutely poor parenting that is ruining today’s youth. The problem I see is the ruined youth are becoming parents. I’d also blame lack of discipline in schools and the educational systems pursuit of the liberal agenda. I’m pretty aware of the problems, I’m just wanting to know how we...
  6. rjpoog1989

    Dealing with the Anti Gun Crowd...

    Hi guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I normally try to stay out of political Facebook arguments. Honestly, I generally have better things to do with my time. Today I found myself in the middle of a bunch of nonsense with people I don’t know and don’t care to know. What I did...
  7. rjpoog1989

    Armed march on DC

    I agree with what Oli just posted. I don't think these guys are goin to get guns banned. I do not believe I will be joinin them though.
  8. rjpoog1989

    NY resistance is growing

    Ya know, at one point a few years back I was thinking about moving to New York State... Sucks they had to go and ruin the place.
  9. rjpoog1989

    Stop the NYS Firearms Ban Now!

    I think this could be a serious problem for us Pennsylvanians...
  10. rjpoog1989

    Mossberg® Introduces Recoil Reduction System MATHEWS

    That sounds really cool! I wonder I they may incorporate that into their rifles at some point? I think I rather have something like this as opposed to the muzzle brake on my .338
  11. rjpoog1989

    1911: Pics and Discussion

    those are some great looking 1911s!
  12. rjpoog1989

    New MVP Varmint owner and amazing...

    Good to hear it is an accurate gun! Welcome aboard!
  13. rjpoog1989

    Metal Trigger Assembly?

    There are more plastic parts to this rifle than one would expect... Guess that's why it only costs 500$. Let me know what you fin out as I wouldn't mind a metal one as well.
  14. rjpoog1989

    Coyote Hunting

    Well, we didn't see or shoot anything... We saw a ton of sign; tracks, piss, crap, the whole deal. Lots of fresh tracks in the fresh snow. We even heard one in the distance but couldn't get close, nor would it come in. We spent a lot of time hiking and driving all over gods creation an we had a...
  15. rjpoog1989

    4x4 mount height

    I use medium height rings on mine. I just ordered a dnz one price mount that is supposed to come in on Wednesday so ill get some pictures eventually. The are some of my old setup with medium rings in my build. (Link in signature).
  16. rjpoog1989

    835 with 28" barrel and Duck Blind Camo for Turkey hunting?

    Re: 835 with 28" barrel and Duck Blind Camo for Turkey hunti The main reason to have a camo gun for turkey is they can see the shine of a blued barrel, ducks and geese are the same way. The type of camo doesn't matter as much which the gun, although what you're wearing may make a difference...
  17. rjpoog1989

    glass bedding

    Let us know how it goes, I'm hoping to shoot mine soon.
  18. rjpoog1989

    Coyote Hunting

    Hey all, I forgot to tell everyone I'm going coyote hunting! I'm actually leaving within the hour, and I'll be gone until sunday. So if anyone on MO is going to miss me, I'm sorry, but I won't have internet until I get back and I'm sure ya'll will survive. Maybe I'll come back with some pics of...
  19. rjpoog1989

    Helpful Tips for Pistol Caliber Ammo?

    If you get .45 acp I hope to be reloading that in the near future. As soon as I get my own house when I graduate I'm going to get my own reloading stuff instead of using other people's stuff. Since we live close I'd be able to hook you up!