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  1. Waitster

    Time to say... Goodbye

    Hi folkz... After a long time without visiting „our“ website, my successful training to become a certified instructor for defense shooting, selling my Mossberg 930 JM Pro, build up my own company for shooting instruction, consulting and gun-trading, I wish you all a great and successful new...
  2. Waitster

    Question Of The Month. (June 2018) (How Long To Prep For)

    In my area I will confrontated -maybe- with forest fires, flooding (we live between two rivers), power outage (with all the following consequences... heating, lighting, electricity, refuelling, withdrawing money, paying for purchases electronically). accident with chemical truck on the very near...
  3. Waitster

    AK's and variants part 2

    It’s a long bottom rail and the railed gastube from TROY ;-) Many modifikation to fit it on my Arsenal but... looks cool and feel good in action :-)
  4. Waitster

    AK's and variants part 2

    That‘s my AK variant pics I have. 1. A birthday gift from my netter half ;-) 2. Actual version for every day 3. naked 4. naked 5. 100 yards and more 6. „Mr. White“ my scottish houseguard 7. Surplus ;-)
  5. Waitster

    Active shooter reported at youtube hq

    Not the right but a loud and clear to hear protest against YT and the way they massiv struggle people and accounts!
  6. Waitster

    New gun comes @home :-)

    2.Step is ready... The Typ11 muzzlebrake from a local gunsmith (Peterssen GunWorks) and Vortex flipcaps
  7. Waitster

    New gun comes @home :-)

    1.Step is down... some more are coming ;-)
  8. Waitster

    New gun comes @home :-)

    @CaddmannQ... That‘s right but... On my box is writen „USA COMPANY“ not „Made in USA“. Looks like that the US-Company let build their product in Asia. I don‘t want to make anyone nervous but unforunately this is now common practice. Simply to either lower prices or increase the profit. Even...
  9. Waitster

    New gun comes @home :-)

    @mike... I don‘t know but think not. Can‘t found some on any official site but will ask my german dealer.
  10. Waitster

    New gun comes @home :-)

    Scope has arrived :-) It‘s a >>> https://athlonoptics.com/product/rifle-scopes-ares-btr-4-5-27x50/ This weekend it gets married with my ERA TAC mounting and the rifle. Pictures will follow :-)
  11. Waitster

    old mossberg 590 information

    For me she looks like a standard (and little selfmodified) 12 gauge (look at your/her stamps) 7shot 590 like >>> http://www.mossberg.com/product/590-7-shot-50778/
  12. Waitster

    New from France !

    Welcome from Germany neighbour ;-) and hope you‘ve a pretty good time here and with your Mossy.
  13. Waitster

    Question Of The Month. (November 2017)

    Please... I need three :-)
  14. Waitster

    Hi all

    Welcome from Germany Ned :-)
  15. Waitster

    New gun comes @home :-)

    @ John... This stock is the original of this rifle. The Archangel stock is -in my opinion- a little bit better. You has a more adjustable cheek-riser and a better „pistolgrip“. But my favorits are stocks like the „Berserker“ from GRS-Riflestocks / Norway.
  16. Waitster

    AK47 and Variants

    And here my new holosight. The „EOTech“ make place for a Holosun HS510C. The LowBudget UTG magnifier must be for a while.
  17. Waitster

    New gun comes @home :-)

    New project will start... I bought a Mercury Tactical in .300WM and -SURPRISE SURPRISE- some modifications are on the run :-)
  18. Waitster

    Hi from the UK

    Back from Greek/Mazedonian border ;-) and a warm welcome from Germany to our neighbour from UK :-)
  19. Waitster

    JM PRO 930 lifter jam

    Maybe a too long magazine spring!? I've cut down my first spring and use now a Wolf spring.