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    Glock 43 mag ext in MC1

    Got my MC1 used. Looks like it was never shot Came with the 2 regular mags and 3 Glock 43 mags: one with a Pearce finger ext (still a 6 shot) and 2 flat bottoms. Ordered 2 plus one ext. When they came I put the +1 ext on one of the flat bottoms. Filled it with seven cartridges and it would...
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    Anyone still shooting the MC1?

    I agree, but will G43 parts fit?
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    M1sc trigger & trigger safety

    Just acquired an M1sc. Trigger and trigger safety were very sharp and uncomfortable especially in rapid fire. Was going to take my trusty Dremel to it but decided against that. Instead used one of my wife's emery boards. Can you guess how that went over? Nevertheless, smoothed both sides...