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  1. LTB45

    It is Happening EVERYWHERE

    http://www.examiner.com/article/pa-legislator-calls-for-mental-health-testing-of-gun-owners-and-their-families?CID=examiner_alerts_article The Writer/Blogger David Codrea has been a friend of CCDL since its inception. He will be the guest speaker at our rally on the steps of the state capitol...
  2. LTB45

    CT Lawsuit Has Been Filed!

    http://ccdl.us/blog/2013/05/22/lawsuit-filed/ And the lawsuit is filed! Here is the official release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 22, 2013 Contact: Scott Wilson President, CT Citizens’ Defense League 860-235-7490 Contact: Brian Stapleton, Esq. Goldberg Segalla, LLP 860-760-3300 Bridgeport, CT...
  3. LTB45

    Lobby Day In Connecticut

    MARCH 11th http://www.nraila.org/legislation/state-legislation/2013/3/connecticut-join-nra-and-other-second-amendment-supporters-for-a-lobby-day-to-protect-your-rights-on-march-11.aspx?s=&st=10471&ps=
  4. LTB45

    CCDL on TV

    I figured that I would share this here, even though we are a state based organization. With all that has happened lately, my organization has been slammed for interviews on TV and print. Normally I or the President of CCDL do most of the interviews. When the calls came from both of these shows...
  5. LTB45

    CCDL Testimonial Work Shop

    Today my organization, CCDL hosted a workshop at one of our states biggest Gunclubs "Metacon Gun Club". The workshop was to teach people how to testify against bad gun bills and for good gun bills. The workshop was very well received by everyone there and many more people now know how to...
  6. LTB45

    Gun Control explained

    An Oldie but a Goodie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84ptFVq22PY