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  1. TJ Johnson

    Hello from the upstate of South Carolina

    Cerberus76, you've found the right site, dawg! all kinds of knowledge and support are here for the asking. Welcome from Columbia,South Cackalacky
  2. TJ Johnson

    pictures that make you lol

  3. TJ Johnson

    Greetings from Georgia!

    Greetings from South Carolina.
  4. TJ Johnson

    pictures that make you lol

    wish I could like it more than once!
  5. TJ Johnson

    Number 4 buck penetration.

    E G thank you for posting that link, most informative
  6. TJ Johnson

    Does this look good or what?

    What a coincidence. Today after returning to the homestead from the FIRST day at the job since the meltdown, the missus had prepared cornbread (from scratch) paired with smoked kielbasa and cabbage. DAMN GOOOOOOOD!!!:yum:
  7. TJ Johnson

    NY Politicians going after hunters now

    ^^^^^^^^^^!!!!!!!! Thank you for posting that fellman.
  8. TJ Johnson

    Does this look good or what?

  9. TJ Johnson

    Stock shims

    SG might try a "LimbSaver" butt stock sleeve
  10. TJ Johnson

    My youngest son was nearly killed Christmas Eve in a horrible crash... but he is okay <pics>

    My bad, I just saw this..... I am so glad that for you and the missus and your son, this incident has a happier ending for ya'll. Best wishes for ya'll
  11. TJ Johnson

    Next pistol suggestions

    fellman, I suggest you get your hands on a Sig Sauer model 2022 in either 9mm or 40SW Sig offers the model in sig.357. It is a polymer base handgun, and when I said get your hands on one , I meant hold one. They have 3 sizes of back straps that can/will tailor the pistol to your grip. Mine is in...
  12. TJ Johnson

    Question Of The Month. (February 2020) (If Trump Re-elected)

    Is'nt it rich how when their canidate win it was a free and open election where democracy and the voters won and how the elction was stolen;rigged ya-da, ya-da ,bla,bla,bla...............when the Dims lose.
  13. TJ Johnson

    NY Politicians going after hunters now

    Each state should be required to have a version of the electoral college a few counties; parishes, cities etc. from being able run roughshod over the rest of the state
  14. TJ Johnson

    pictures that make you lol

    ^^^^^^Well sh*t, don't socialism just suck!
  15. TJ Johnson

    looking for CCW handgun

    John, It's a bit larger; I would suggest the the Sig 2022 in either 9mm or .40S&W. I have and EDC the latter. ALIEN Gear IWB 12rds. plus 1........ I'm an old fat guy it conceals and carries well. When I was looking for a pistol I really didn't have any set notions of caliber or make, but when...
  16. TJ Johnson

    Post news links of burglaries with multiple assailants

    ^^^^^^ What John said, a little extra protection; a remote driveway alarm/announcer at or near the end of your drive.
  17. TJ Johnson

    Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a Fraud

    Watched it all. Very interesting
  18. TJ Johnson

    pictures that make you lol

    Is this for real, and did it actually fire?
  19. TJ Johnson

    Everything you're not supposed to know about suppressors

    Thanks for posting this John^^^^^^