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  1. MontanaWolf

    Lots of questions

    The Beautiful wife & I have 930 SPXs, both 12ga, that will be used strictly for tactical purposes, home defense stuff. In order to get better acquainted with our new family members, we will be doing a 4 day Front Sight class so we will be blowing off a few more than 500 rds. She is about 120#s...
  2. MontanaWolf

    Need recommendations for a Fronntsight 4 day SG class

    Howdy all, I got Mossberg 500s and 835s for deer & turkey, etc., but now the Beautiful Bride and I have decided to try doing Frontsight's 4 day Tactical Shotgun class we also bought the 930 SPX. But being a newbe to the Semiautomatic SG, I need advice, recommendations and such. And if...
  3. MontanaWolf

    OR3GUN still in Business?

    Hey does anyone know if OR3GUN is still in business? I am interested in a few of their products for a couple of my 930s but, being a novice semi-auto SGer, I have a few questions. I have written to them a several times via the contact form on their web-sight but never hear back, nor do they...
  4. MontanaWolf

    Howdy, Howdy

    Glad to be aboard and looking forward to learning a lot about what I know, that I do not really know, but that I will soon know from all of you SG Gurus.