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  1. AbyssDncr

    Mossberg 500 Bantam, 505 Youth, 500 Super Bantam Accessories

    I’ve used kydex to wrap a 20 ga forend tube to make a 12 ga. forend work on a 20 ga., but yes, you’re gonna need to swap out to a longer tube than the bantam one.
  2. AbyssDncr

    Howdy from the OK state of Indiana

    Welcome from the breadbasket state. Not too sure where exactly that foots on the continuum of “OK”, but I’m guessing it’s somewhere between marginal and mediocre...
  3. AbyssDncr

    New 500 help needed

    Take a video, publish to YouTube, and post back here with the link.
  4. AbyssDncr

    New project gun - OLD 500C Cruiser

    I picked up a speedfeed stock and tri-rail forend off of fleabay and got to play a little dress up with the shotties tonight. Put the speedfeed on the newest 590 and swapped the takeoff onto the 500C. I trimmed off a section of kydex and formed it around the 20 ga. forend tube. Took a couple...
  5. AbyssDncr

    OR3GUN Combos with SBE Precision Piston Now Available

    Love it, Joker! I've been mentally piecing one of these together in my head almost identical to what you have. About the only thing I think I'd think about is one of the XS big dot front sights. What light are you running on the other side? How do you like it? I don't think you gave up much...
  6. AbyssDncr

    Another 22" JM Pro cooking together

    Finally got the last piece of the puzzle I've been jonesing over in today, so I took the afternoon off work to go play. Add she sits now, 22" JM Pro, almost a full set of extended Carlson tubes, OR3GUN teflon MST & CFR, SBE piston, follower, & +1 mag extension, KE Arms mount, 8.5 MOA...
  7. AbyssDncr

    Wood Furniture - Black Aces vs. Ebay Thai Wood (Burma Padauk, Walnut)

    The Black Aces set looks like laser cut checkering to me - just like what Boyd's does.
  8. AbyssDncr

    WTT: either PA-459 pistol grip stock or SA-20 youth stock for standard length SA-20 stock

    Finally got the wife out to the trap line, and much to my surprise, she quickly passed up her old bantam 500C for my new full-size 500C. Watching her shoot the youth SA-20, I should probably put a normal length stock on it too. So, I’d be happy to trade either a PA-459 pistol grip stock which...
  9. AbyssDncr

    New project gun - OLD 500C Cruiser

    8-40 - I bought a dozen lipless from Brownells for $10 when I should have just bought lipped from OFM at $0.53 ea. Brownells wanted $20/ dozen fir the lipped ones...
  10. AbyssDncr

    New project gun - OLD 500C Cruiser

    The old .410 was the next victim. I'll have to look into something to touch up bare aluminum specs at some point. There's still one more .410 and one more 20 that aren't perforated yet... Mental note, next time buy plug screws with a top lip.
  11. AbyssDncr

    OR3GUN Combos with SBE Precision Piston Now Available

    Follower, piston, and extension arrived today. This is a 22" JM Pro, and the mag now holds 9 with about an inch of wiggle room. Great stuff - thanks Steve! Now, if you can make extensions and followers of this quality and sell for $20-$25, how about some reflex sight and Aimpoint micro...
  12. AbyssDncr

    SA-20 finally hit the range...

    Pics here: http://mossbergowners.com/forum/index.php?threads/similarities-between-the-sa-20-and-pa-459.13197/
  13. AbyssDncr

    590A1 Big Time Barrel Issue!

    That's a good looking boomstick, Karl! Did you contact Mossberg US as well or just the int'l office?
  14. AbyssDncr

    New project gun - OLD 500C Cruiser

    Dangit, John, if you keep posting pics like that I'm going to have to start looking into hydro-dipping too! Those look great!!!
  15. AbyssDncr

    New project gun - OLD 500C Cruiser

    I just noticed your project is an auto - is that a 935? Now, you're prompting me to go drill & tap the SA-20. :nofibn: Not sure why, but now that I have the tools... What is it that they say, "When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"? I think the .410s might get some...
  16. AbyssDncr

    590A1 Big Time Barrel Issue!

    I would definitely try to talk with Mossberg and share these pics with them. I haven’t had to deal with their warranty folks at all, but their parts desk folks have always been pleasant to deal with. Can you get any of the “flakes” out of the barrel to get a color pic or two of the residue...
  17. AbyssDncr

    Hello from Sweden

    Welcome, Karl!
  18. AbyssDncr

    New project gun - OLD 500C Cruiser

    Scope mount fit fine, of course, and my factory ghost ring sight did as well. Attached a spare chopped down stock instead of the pistol grip. With a decent normal sized recoil pad, it will actually fit my wife pretty well.
  19. AbyssDncr

    New project gun - OLD 500C Cruiser

    Tools arrived early. Didn't take too long and everything went together like it should. Just went one hole at a time, assembled, marked, center punched, drilled at 1/16", drilled #28, and then tapped.
  20. AbyssDncr

    Anyone care to comment on the TL Racker or GG&G light rails?

    Anyone rocking either of these products? I've read some less than endearing stuff on the Streamlight TL Racker, but it still seems pretty decent for a C- note. Also looking at a GG&G light mount for my 930 - any feedback on those? Also thought about putting the rail section on the right side...