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  1. TheRude1

    Bidens Blunders

    The Feds twisting the truth? I'M SHOCKED :O
  2. TheRude1

    New Alabama member

    Welcome aboard from IN
  3. TheRude1

    New member

    Welcome aboard from IN
  4. TheRude1

    New Maverick 88 Owner

    Welcome aboard from IN
  5. TheRude1

    Hello from the upstate of South Carolina

    Welcome aboard from IN
  6. TheRude1

    Greetings from Colorado, got a quick question…

    Welcome aboard from IN
  7. TheRude1

    Hello from Nj

    Welcome aboard from IN
  8. TheRude1


    Welcome aboard from IN
  9. TheRude1

    Defender Tactical, New From DFW!

    Welcome aboard from IN
  10. TheRude1

    Hello from Florida

    Welcome aboard from IN
  11. TheRude1

    Another Mossberg Owner

    Welcome aboard from IN
  12. TheRude1

    pictures that make you lol

    Going threw some boxes and found a hoodie I forgot I had, can't wait for chilly weather.
  13. TheRude1

    UPS: New limits to shipping guns

    Sounds like they are working with the credit card companies.
  14. TheRude1

    Mystery device!Maybe one of you guys?

    Looks like a coffee cup warmer.
  15. TheRude1

    Credit Cards to track gun purchases

    Now that you mention it, good point.
  16. TheRude1

    Credit Cards to track gun purchases

    That's why some want a cashless society, so they can track EVERYTHING. This is why weekly I put just enough in the bank to cover what I need done and the rest is cash in my pocket. Can't track it or hack it. And yes I rathole what I don't need for my daily life.
  17. TheRude1

    ATF: Pistol Brace Amnesty Registration Program

    I do not have one of these "AR pistols" but I do have 2 fingers (one on each hand) for the Marxian Socialist pukes. ;)
  18. TheRude1

    9-11-01 Tribute

    And then I had to change it :(
  19. TheRude1

    Greeting’s from Minnesota

    Welcome aboard from IN
  20. TheRude1

    WTS 142K Hang Tag Package

    I'll take that. DM me