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09 Jun 22 ~ SRO shoots and kills a suspicious person on elementary school grounds in Gadsden, AL


A quick summary from nitesite's link --

A man arrived at Walnut Park Elementary in Gadsden around 9:30 a.m. Thursday and attempted to gain entry to vehicles and buildings on-site, Etowah County Sheriff Jonathan Horton said.

A school resource officer who also works for Rainbow City police responded and called for assistance from other law enforcement. A physical altercation ensued, police claimed, and the suspect was shot and killed. The resource officer, officials said, received minor injuries.

“All children at Walnut Park School in the City of Gadsden program will use side parking lot beside south 11th and board of education program will be bused to Gadsden City High School,” the statement said. “Please bring identification to pick up children.
Now that's the way to handle prowlers around schools!
I offered to pick up a neighbor's firstgrader last year. I had to have my ID and the parent had to phone in my name and discription/stats before they would let me make the pickup. I was confident they were handling it well.


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Many people would just figure that kids were out for summer, and teachers weren't there. Just a few admins and custodians. So no threat to any kids.....

But here, school campuses are brimming with students during summer break.

Summer football training, summer baseball practice, volleyball tournaments, summer school classes for students making up for failing grades, band camp getting ready for football to start in August/September.

And IT guys inside running new cameras and cables, book keeper and secretary, principal, custodians waxing floors, electricians and people changing locker combinations for the coming school year.... the list is endless.

On any given weekday when school is out of session there could be hundreds of kids and coaches on our school campuses.

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@nitesite, I bet'cha a donut that this doesn't hit more than 1 or 2 of the MSM outlets.

That would totally destroy the democrats narrative they want to push.

And have came out and said they do not want to go against the clinton no guns in school ban to hire policeman and armed guards.


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What goes around comes around and I have a feeling that eventually we’re gonna wind up with a lot more people taking up shooting. Like, it will become fashionable.

Give peace a chance, but don’t give crime a chance.


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My county schools have been given the funding thru the school system to pay for an SRO on each campus thru the summer until regular SROs come back at the beginning of regular school. (Regular SROs are on a 9-month work agreement)

The problem as I see it is that it is just a band-aid and is just a feel good publicity thing.

The summer SROs are just regular patrol deputies who sign up to work extra hours, with a day-to-day fill-in schedule. They have probably never been on that school campus, so it is totally unfamiliar. Each day could be an entirely different officer, who has no master key, and no freaking idea of what looks out of place, and couldn't find his way to a location if you gave him a map and a flashlight.

Regular SROs know which vehicle looks suspicious, know the layout, know the shortcuts, and know the people.