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10mm loading and testing


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@John A.

I see that Lyman Manual #48 shows a 175-gr Silvertip in 10mm with Accurate #9.

Because you want to shoot cast 175s you might start in the mid range and see what you think.

1.250 OAL
LO 12.5 gr = 1088 fps 5" barrel
HI 13.9 gr = 1212 fps 5" barrel
Max pressure 27,000 CUP

John A.

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Sure, I'll load up a few and see what they do. While the bullets that I have are pre-lubed, I intend to scrape off as much wax as possible, pre-heat them to melt it off, let them cool and then powder coat a few .

Did I mention how bad that I hate scraping lead? I do.

But, I would like to load a few to see how they do. One guy at 10mm forum wrote that he's using (I'm just quoting the numbers, but that is close to what I'm loading the 180 gr armscor bullets with (loaded 14.5gr #9):

Caliber 10mm Auto
Case: Starline ? New
Powder: AA#9
Charge: 14.7
Bullet: Lee SWC TL
Weight: 175
Primer: CCI 300
COL: 1.245


Average Guy
Well, as you know a lead bullet will safely take more powder than a jacketed one, so that does not surprise me at all. It's less than a one grain bump from the jacketed Silvertip data from Lyman. And #9 is pretty forgiving.

Why scrape lead? Just let the toaster oven and parchment paper do all the work. Then you just have the bullet base to be concerned with!!!! And if you use a metal cooling grid on a rimmed baking sheet in the oven you might not have to do much cleaning at all!!

I wish I had the bullet mold so I could cast some nice naked bullets to send you. Then you could powder coat to your hearts content. :)