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12 gauge Silver reserve choke tube set


Copper BB
I purchased a used Silver Reserve a few years back. When I purchased it, the tubes were stuck in the barrel, and the rest of the set was a lump of fused rust. I shot the gun quite a bit and it's in really good shape. I had a gunsmith remove the tubes from the barrel last year, but they were destroyed. I am looking for a complete factory set of tubes that won't cost me more than I payed for the gun itselfe.


Copper BB
I am in the same boat, got a used Silver Reserve 12 ga. chokes are Imp. cylinder llll and cylinder bore lllll, would like to get a full l and a modified lll
I think the chokes are the Beretta/Benelli mobil choke.? Any used chokes out there or Mossberg ones that come with the SR.?