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20 ga for deer or hogs?


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OK, so I have a Mossberg 20ga HD gun. It has the 18.5" barrel. I'm wondering if this little gun would have the ummph for a pig if you loaded it with buckshot or slugs? What about deer? Too small a gun? I wonder because much of Florida where I live is shotgun only. I like 20ga because the recoil is manageable for me. I do have one of the recoil absorbing stocks and considered picking up a 12ga for hunting and leaving the 20ga in the closet for now. Advice from anyone appreciated.


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Iv shot many of deer with a mossy 500 20g. I also use a rifled slug barrel. Im not sure how yours will throw slugs. Take it to the range and try it out.

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I have killed way more deer with a 20 gauge rifled slug than with a 12. A 20 gauge should handle a hog with little diificulty provided you place the shot correctly. Play it safe and wait for broadside or quartering away shot. This assures you will not hit the thickest part of gristle and cartilage that protects the pig's shoulders and vitals.
I would not shoot more than 50 yds. Past that, the 20 gauge Foster slug may not have the energy to quickly kill a large hog. A wounded, cornered hog is not an animal to be taken lightly.


A 20 is plenty for a deer, as long as you do your part.
I droped this buck with my mossy, rifled, ported, scoped, 20g . Buck was @ 125 yards and on the move.




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Thanks for the input on the 20 ga. I picked up a Knoxx Comp stock this week and started looking for a barrel. I'll report back when I get a chance to try it out in a few weeks.


I think somewhere I read that the 20ga has similar ballistics to the 44 mag... Look at how much game that thing takes!
i have killed a small bear with a 20 and buckshot though it was very close, about 10 yds. but the brenneke slugs for smooth bore shoot great and i would think they would penetrate for sure

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Got pics of the bear?

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